GDT: Als @ ORBs

It astounds me that they hang their QBs out to dry in a preseason game with a bunch of unseasoned and undisciplined newbies. Esks played Reilly lots last weekend too?

That Montreal offense might be even more inept than 2017.

Looks like Powell the veteran running back missed his block completely though that resulted in the tackle on Harris .

I know what your saying though there are hungry guys on the other side of the ball wanting to make the team .

Here is the Harris injury.

#29 Powell does a little push that completely whiffs on Ackie .

Caught standing still and wasn't watching . Surprised as Powell knows better but he got caught flat footed .

Almost nailed it. So close but you never no when a up set will happen. Cheers all

With the ALS earn your wings promo for the helmet they should have had Redbull sponsor them it's a natural fit .

We shouldn't put much weight on an ex game. But Als looked a bit lifeless.

Sure hope Harris is OK. The CFL needs their QBs.


Not bad

Some people will say "well it's only pre-season" but the Als showed nothing.
Both of the Als QBs looked terrible, they were hurried, made bad decisions, bad throws. That was their starting O-line, QB, running back, receivers and most of their D in the 1st half.
After Harris went down the 2 Ottawa QBs didn't look too bad. The young guy Danny Collins looked like he was a season vet, some good passes and good decisions to run. A couple of bad throws but that can be improved.
Great to see a Canadian kicker out there, he was accurate. Leone was really punting the ball well.

Doesn't look serious for Harris fortunately but yup, hate to see that in a pre-season affair that's for sure.