GDT: Als @ Leos

A battle between two undefeated CFL teams.

I had to pick the Al's, Someone had too!!!!

The answer to this one my friends, is complexly up to Jonathon Jennings.

Last year he put 41 points on the Als at BC Place. I don't think you have to worry too much. So he has a 21 point cushion because this Als offense is incapable of putting 20 points on the board.

Freudian slip. But you're right; it is completely up to his complexities. He has all the skills in the world but IMO lacks confidence and becomes a little bit 'deer in the headlights' when checking down against complex defensive coverages (Stubler anyone?).

The club sent him to a sports psychologist in the off-season. Let's hope it pays off.

Montreal is on a 13 games losing streak. Even with Cavillo as quarterback, Montreal always seem to struggle in Vancouver. Offense is Montreal's weakness while revamped BC defense appears improved. In preseason games, BC is able to score touchdowns against stronger teams Calgary and Winnipeg. If Monteal wins, that would be a shocking upset.

Are the Als going to even win one game this season? :-*

Next week at home vs Winnipeg

I doubt it actually.

The helmets actually look great on Montreal .

BC please for what's all good in the world stop wearing Halloween uniforms at home .

They are the worst looking duds anywhere anyplace besides the Canuck uniforms V for vendetta .

Was the idea to scare away the fans . If it was it's working .

The Redblacks will be in first by virtue of having the bye this week, lol... I will say Lions by a touchdown

I like the Als' helmets too... but the unis' should match. As for BC's helmets, they look like chess pieces...

The red on the shirt matches the red wing no .

I hate the chess piece look on BC and the colour scheme screams they have no knowledge of marketing .

Whoa Willy ...

Montreal two TD's and one actually counted . Well well .

Uh oh, the Als have the lead at Halftime. :o

just think, they could end up in first place by themselves

Those are the old helmets they got a few years ago when they had the neo-retro for two games.

Dang I really like that simple look . It looks better than when they matched it with the old retro red uniforms a couple years ago . It just pops . You can sell that image .

Okay Willy just dodged a bullet .

I can't see willy lasting the season... he is awful.

First place in The East!

Not sure what that last drive was all about . It was just weird . No time on the clock yet you are throwing dump passes etc ... . If you throw down field you might get a penalty you might get a catch you might let those underneaths that do connect go for large yac yards .

No extension of the field whatsoever . Just weird stuff like an exhibition game play calling .