GDT: Als @ Esks

Just three short weeks ago the Eskies nearly doubled up the Als in Quebec 44-23.

Hopefully its played tonight. Vegas has Edmonton - 18. To win you need 19 or more points.
Over under 52 total points. I’ll take Edmonton and under 52 points.

If the game is canceled should MTL just concede? :frowning:

We all knew the Als would crater after Calvillo retired, but did anyone anticipate they would do as poorly as they have?

If the Eskimos don’t win by 20 points tonight, they really need to really start worrying about their chances in the playoffs this year.

See what the Larks can do


And, unfortunately, there is NO light at the end of the tunnel. This could go on for a VERY long time - assuming Johnny Football doesn’t turn out to be Flutie2.

I’m predicting Tony “Rupert” Pipkin is gonna have a nice CFL career . . . .

Sadly, this will NOT be close. :frowning:

Though it'd be hilarious if the Als could somehow eke out a win.

So far keeping it close - sack on Reilly to end a promising drive. They looked better against the OTTRBs last week who needed that last minute drive to eke out a win.
Anything can happen - east has been beating west this weekend - but I don’t anticipate an upset here.

Switching to that little rock 'n roll Janis Joplin girl on NBC, America’s Got Talent

Is Anthony Pipkin the QB of the future in Montreal?

After that larks TD only down by 3!! :o :o

close game alright!

3 point difference with 3 minutes to go to half.

and another sack!

edit: and a 3rd sack in a row!

lol. This Montreal defense is laughably bad. Reilly is 19/20 for nearly 250 yards. Esks have nearly 300 net yards and the first half is not even over. Can’t blame the defense for being tired either as the offense has chipped in with a few drives and 14 points. Montreal is giving up an average of 450 yards per game, dead last in the league. Looks like that average will increase after this one!

Their pass defence certainly leaves something to be desired! ;D

So much for the Eskies being more disciplined as the Edmonton player takes a shot or two at Bowman and is ejected! Bowman out too.

Looks like that 3 pt deficit has become a 13 pt deficit by the half! Reilly with 290 yards passing in one half!

it’s like deja vu with all the stupid penalties montreal is taking…

Really MR Dumpier. Esks will be their at the end. Sorry or was that Donald Duck. Gee’s another figure pointer. Your funny or not.

They aren’t good enough to give away yards to a good team like the Eskies.