GDT Als At Esks

Go Als Go.

BTW, why did the Cats dump Underwood ?

Made me shake my head then and even more now.

Boy that crowd in Toronto was reedy - haven't seen that few folks in the stands since the halcyon days of the U of M Bisons at old Pan-Am Stadium - in 70s and 80s they routinely drew 150 to 200 folks to the games - mostly family, some friends if you had any. In reality they had absolutely ZERO football fans.

As far as Reilly is concerned maybe the helmet maker should make him a special helmet designed like his fancy $300 fedora. Would be different anyways!

Rod Black is in deep paired with Mattster tonite - Dunigan doesn't wait for Black to let him into the conversation like Black did with Dishrag Duane. Matt is on top of every play and Black is fighting for air.

Yah, we get it, you don't like Rod Black...are you an ex broadcaster or someone connected with media that would qualify you to constantly beat on the guy or just some unhinged fanboy with a really weird axe to grind?

Game seems to be moving bit slower and a LOT of dropped passes, especially by Edmonton, to bad seeing White get injured,,,,,,,,,

3 penalty infractions on a red zone drive .

Als, did not shoot themselves in the foot, they amputated it.

Can not make mistakes against the Esks. They make teams pay.

Lyle, you are a smart detailed football fan.

Yet, please drop the anti-Rod campaign.

He is a good broadcaster and he is not going away.

I agree he is NOT going away!

But the game broadcast is part of the game, no? So long as it is he should be identified for atrocious goof-ups - just as much as coaches, players and GMs - when they F up!

The West has swept the East this week.

Congrats to the Esks for winning with White out and some important dropped passes. Hope the best for White, looked bad though.

The Esks didn't really have to do too much offensively, but did enough on defense to win the game.
Durant with 166 yards passing? The Als improved their receiving corps when they signed 1,200 yard receiver Ernest Jackson but they couldn't get the ball to him, 3 yards receiving? :o
Underwood had a couple of good plays but that was all they had on offense.
After their performance last night and barely hanging on to win last week against the Riders, I don't see too much change at all in the Als.

For sure, the broadcast is part of the game. Goof - ups ? Have you heard Cuthbert yet this season ? He is slipping.

As for Rod, he has been the # 2 TSN guy since 2005. After 12 years you can not just , get used to him ?

Answer NO Black is bad and hurts TSN and CFL. This is a pro league, needs great announcers
Check out other leagues. Smooth smart with great voices. Squeaky is out.

[b]brihind88 wrote:[/b]

For sure, the broadcast is part of the game.

For certain fans watching on the tely, but not for any player or coach.

For the record, I like Rod Blackd even with his deficiencies like any media person. :smiley: There is so much crap announcers in other "major" leagues that are far worse than Rod Black. Not naming anyone off the top of my head but Pat Summerall, RIP BTW, was horrible beyond horrible. And Buck Martinez is beyond boring, I fall asleep to this guy, And his mate for Blue Jays games, it's tough to listen to these guys.

Oh I recall Pat Summerall so well down here. :lol: He was, much like Rod Black, an acquired taste. Summerall, who was teamed with the boisterous John Madden at CBS and at Fox for so many years, used to slur some words, repeat himself, and ramble aimlessly as happily sloshed as he was much of the time.

I have an analogous feeling about Rod Black now. It's just not the same without his voice on some of these games however off the mark. I do like Dunigan but last night he was off and a bit too anxious and jumpy. He should have had a drink before the game.

Dunigan has received multiple concussions during his career.

That is why he slurs and stammers.