GDT: Alouettes vs. Argonauts August 25th!

Technically a Toronto Argonauts’ home game but it’s being played in lovely Moncton!

So will William Stanback make his reappearance for the Alouettes? Will DeVier Posey light up the stats sheet for the second game in a row?

Will McLeod Bethel-Thompson solidify his claim to the Argos’ starting QB slot? And where will James Wilder Jr. play, if at all?

Stay tuned! The game’s on Sunday.


If VA keeps playing lights out, we have no chance.

I just hope it is a good game.

whether it be 10k or 20k at the game, any solid promotion in the area helps.

I think that the Als are generally playing much better then the sinking boatmen so even if this is technically an TO “home game” (not that it matters much) I expect the larks to come out on top. However stranger things have happened.
Not sure how much of the game I’ll see . Will be leaving for TO probably sometime in the afternoon to see family before heading to the airport for a red eye to Heathrow. Unfortunately going to miss the Labour Day rivalries since I’ll be out of the country for a couple of weeks.

My prediction:

Inspired by the Green Bay Packers’ gutsy decision to sit out their starters in Winnipeg because they didn’t like a certain 12-inch patch of the field, the Argos take a stand of their own. They decide the Moncton field does not meet their standards, and out of protest declare that they will limit their scoring to single digits and their passing yardage to under 200.

We need the Argo crab to pull the Alouette crab back down into the boiling pot, before it escapes and has a chance to run away with that 2-spot in the East.

Well hopefully there’s a large and enthusiastic crowd for this one.


Crowd looks good on tv.

I don’t agree, one grandstand is about 75% the other 50% might be 7000 people there.

Rod Black - “MBT is the master of the comeback”

Oh boy.

Well, well, the Alouettes have made a game out of it and are down only 16-13 right now.


Why did Chamblin waste a challenge on a no yards that in a best case scenario puts us on our own 20? ::slight_smile:

Great game so far after 3 quarters. Looks like a mini Grey Cup with all the different jerseys in the crowd. C’mon Halifax, if you build it, THEY WILL COME!!

Wish I could have gone home to see it in person, couldn’t get time off. :frowning: :-\

Very entertaining. IF #10 is awarded to the East coast I wonder if they could keep their home games on Sunday afternoons…if its best for them. Its great having Sunday afternoon CFL football.

Totally forgot this was on! :-[Busy looking after final details before leaving for the airport but could have been watching most of it. It’s a close one with under three minutes to go and the larks ahead by only 6. Guess we’ll be able to watch the last couple of minutes here - TO making a furious comeback!

And because it’s on a Sunday I totally forgot to tune in earlier! At least I’ll know the final result.

Well THAT was close! Looks like it was a good game - Sorry we missed most of it. Ah well off to the Big Smoke and later this evening to the airport.

Good game.
Great finish

Sunday CFL football. The way it was meant to be.

What a great game! Both teams fought hard. Impressive showing for the CFL in the maritimes