GDT: Alouettes @ Stampeders August 17th!

So will the return of Vernon Adams Jr. and William Stanbach be enough to turn around the fortunes of the Alouettes?

Will Nick Arbuckle make the most of perhaps his last opportunity at the helm of the Stampeders this week?

Stay tuned! The game’s tomorrow!


Well the larks are still without Stanback but are looking decent on the road against the “champs”. Stamps D has been burned on a few passes!
Thought I heard that BLM was placed on the 6 game IL again. That would suggest he won’t be back any time soon. Not sure why they’d put him on the 6 game if he only needs another week or two.

I could be wrong but after being placed on the 6 game you stay on the 6 game week to week. Meaning he doesn’t have to sit 6 more games but doesn’t count towards the 1 game injured list

That could be - I can’t say I’m any expert on the use of the 6 game IL. I do know that they took him off and put him back on so assumed that he’d be there for another 6. Otherwise why not just move him from the 6 to the 1 game?

Larks working hard to tie or even win this game in the dying seconds. Down only 3 and executed a onside kick very nicely to maintain possession. Could be a shocker in Cowtown tonight!

Adams is lucky he wasn’t picked off on those two tosses. Go for the FG to tie and put the game into overtime.

Wow Arbuckle is at 90% passing %. He would be a good trade to another team, perhaps Ottawa?

Mysterious roughing the passer call agains’t the Stamps, agree. But good on the Als…

I think he’s a free agent at the end of the year. Doubt that the horses let him go before then.

Well Stamps with the TD but not successful on the convert in that first overtime opportunity. Let’s see what the larks can do.

Those Stamps sure know how to spot talent.

How the officials can wait 30-40 seconds to call a TD on a sneak is such a joke.

If no official saw Adams or the ball in the endzone it’s not a TD.

The way the pile moved I’d say he wasn’t in, but obviously nothing conclusive

TD Larks, no convert.
TD Larks. No convert.

TD Stamps?? Under review - very close to the line but I’m not sure that it will be ruled a TD. Looks like the larks might have shocked the horses in their own barn!

And the larks actually WIN!!

They got the call right but as close as I’ve seen in a while. Wow!

Yes Als lose!!!

Game of the year.
Comeback of the year.
Best QB right now in the league. 32-50 for 389.
Ticats will be challenged as long as VA stays healthy.

As an American fan this was the best game I’ve seen in a long time!!! Although what happened to the Ref camera angle views? The second TD rush that Vernon Adams Jr got I wasn’t so sure he got in and the only camera we could have gotten to over turn the call would have been the ref camera angle.

We won?

The play before I thought Lewis got in and it was a bad review.

A Lightning strike by Vernon Adams.