GDT: Alouettes @ Roughriders September 14th!

Is it me or are there a few empty seats?

Not sure why many here think that the larks will beat the Riders when they’re playing in Sask. It’s a close game approaching the half but I give the edge to the home team. Probably going to be a narrow margin of victory. Right now offenses are not looking too impressive - or are the Ds just making it seem that way?

Empty seats for the BEST fan base in the league??!!! :o :o :o :o Say it isn’t so!! ;D ;D

Sure looked like Fajardo was over the LOS on that last toss for the FD- and I don’t mean just one foot. Guess it was okay but it looked very close.

Dive head first, then cry “helmet to helmet!” :o

Montreal isn’t the biggest draw…Still a very decent crowd

Good Game. Montreal showing they can hang with the 2nd level group.

There now Montreal has nothing to cry about. Their starting QB and RB was playing and lost after a full 60. 7-1 in the last 8.

Missed opportunities by the Als sure helped Riders.

Missed opportunities by Als helped your Riders tonight.

Excuses. You must be a Bummer fan.

Riders had several dropped balls.and a missed FG that balances that out.

Ever winning team benefits from.the losing teams missed opportunities lol

Great game for both teams. Both games today where excellent showcases for the CFL and show the parity we are now seeing in the CFL


Take your green and white glasses off.

Riders should buy Bray dinner :wink:

and we have yet another western sweep weekend.

Agree. Great game.

I agree. Great game. Riders came back and took it.
I’m gonna drink some tequila and play with my dog.

Well, the top level teams (Wpg/Cgy/Ham) win inspite of missed opportunities.
Will be interesting to see how Montreal fares vs Edm for the East SF

Toronto 28 Winnipeg 27.

WPG 35 Sask 10

We have good parity in the CFL and that’s a good thing.

Although their pecking order is different - we have 5 teams currently contenders. Winnipeg , Calgary , Saskatchewan , Hamilton and Montreal.

Any of those 5 could beat anyone else on that list on any given day.

I currently rank the teams