GDT: Alouettes @ RedBlacks July 13th!

Ya, I said the wrong team in the previous post…both teams look like Ottawa!

Don’t know WHY on earth the OTTRBs decided to wear their white pants just because the larks are wearing their navy pants. It looks TERRIBLE!!!

Wow…most improved team over the past couple weeks?

The Als fans are so loud, you would almost think this game is in Montreal…

Outside of that first game against Hamilton when they looked REALLY BAD, they’ve been in every game even in week 1 which was a close game in Edmonton on the road.

I get two games does not a season or team make, however it appears how the Als have finally found a QB to replace AC and also a very decent HC.

Well that’s a good thing especially since they’re on the road although Montreal to Ottawa isn’t that far to go. If they put a competitive team on the field the fans will show up - or so I’ve heard.

Also not a bad defense lead in the middle by Muamba.

A couple of good games does not a decent QB make but I do agree that they’re MUCH better off with Jones on the sidelines instead of Sherman who always looked like he was out to lunch.
The thing with Adams is that he can scramble enough to get himself out of trouble but you can’t rely on that all the time.

And maybe the OTTRBs aren’t quite as good as everyone thought?

Wasn’t he, like a deer in the headlights.

Campbells TShirt look like it should say “Snickers”

Tabbie… Who thought we were any good? We allowed our starting QB, our left guard, our running back and best receiver to leave town as free agents. I was surprised to see that happen because our ownership group has deep pockets. I don’t think our replacements for those positions are anywhere near the calibre of what we lost.

Plus we seem destined to give up a free touchdown every game just for the fun of it. They cut the guy who allowed the Winnipeg punter to recover his own punt on the 4 yard line. Maybe they’ll cut a few more guys today.

Despite all this whining I’m pulling hard for them to come back in this game but I’m having trouble figuring out how they’ll do it. (Is Sinopoli still considered part of their offensive scheme??)

RB’s got screwed there…

that’s two important challenges that the Ottawa coaching staff have let go by

Don’t understand it

blew that “lack of” challenge call.

First it was the awesome throw in a tight window to Cunningham.
Then, the move into the endzone, Adams is first string all the way.

They use TSN’s replays… Something that should not be allowed anyway.


This game’s over. Essentially, Ottawa deserves to lose again. They’re just not that good. Montreal has for sure shoved a pie into the face of all their naysayers - They look pretty good don’t they?..and are playing with some real gusto. Vernon Adams may have kicked around the league, but looks like he’s landed in an offence that suits him. Good luck knocking him out of that starting role.