GDT: Alouettes @ RedBlacks July 13th!

So will Als’ QB Vernon Adams Jr. put up some credible numbers for the second game in a row tomorrow? Will William Stanback continue running rampant in Ottawa tomorrow?

Will RedBlack QB Dominique Davis bounce back from his horrendous game against the Blue Bombers and show some of the form he demonstrated against the Roughriders in Game 2? Will Brad Sinopoli find his game (or at least catch a bunch of passes)? And how long can Lewis Ward’s perfect streak continue?

Stay tuned! All this and more will be clear by early tomorrow evening!

Hey Vernon, Are those your legs or are you riding a chicken??

Montreal looked like they had started fixing the OL, so I’m guessing if they can also figure out how to tackle, then Montreal should win this one.

In theory, this is a gimme game for Ottawa but we’ve been here before last year where they snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. The good news is that they are not coming off a bye week so the bye-week curse will not apply. Ottawa wins this one.

Could Ottawa fall into the same trap Hamilton did last week? At 2-1, they shouldn’t, but you never know.
Cheering for Montreal, but the RBs will probably pull this one out at home.

Will be there cheering on the home team, but just hoping for a competitive match after last night’s blowout.

Maybe the RBs can win me over with a solid outing. The Argos sure aren’t doing much to retain my allegiance these days.

And I’m not so sure the Als should be considered a gimme anymore. I guess we’ll see this afternoon if last week’s performance was a fluke or the start of a new trend.

Not sure I’ll be able to stomach watching this game.

Oh, I don’t mind seeing Kavis Reed’s Als get stomped into the ground again.

But after the 14th or 15th time the stadium announcer does that irritating, grating, annoying, nails-on-chalkboard


after each touchdown, I may need to find an unlit gas oven that will fit my head.

Hang in there Morris, we may be so bad we don’t get any td’s

Immediate interception and we’re down 3…

But regardless, though we were awful against the Bombers… they’re pretty damn good. We’ll see if Davis gets a little more time in the pocket this time around.

could be 14 zip so probably down 6 - 0 best of a bad start

Hope the Stamps come out resembling the 2 Colours start.

Can we say the Al’s defence has improved?

Perhaps we can say that they have the best defensive player in Muamba. Without him, I don’t think they would be competitive in any game.

I think their defense has often been their strength but oo often they’ve been left out to dry on the field too long and lost their effectiveness.

This has been a bit of a flag fest - one on almost every play! QBs aren’t looking all that great - overthrows, bad reads. Bede has been getting a workout!

Muamba is good in close spaces - like the goal line stance he took against the Ticats a couple of weeks ago - not so good in open space though.

Add Campbell

And again today.

Yup don’t try to sneak across the goal line anywhere in his vicinity!

Al’s D sleeping on that play :o

And the OTTRB D was sleeping on that HUGE run for the TD!