GDT: Alouettes @ Lions September 28th!

Can Matthew Shiltz fill in for Vernon Adams Jr. and help keep the Als on the winning path?

Did the Lions reach their nadir earlier this month? Will they continue their improvement tomorrow?

If you’re not suffering from viewing fatigue by tomorrow evening, this could be a good one!


I don’t expect the lions to win 3 in a row.

I’m picking the Als even though VA won’t be on the field. I’m assuming Khari has a game plan that will rely on Schiltz’s skill set and the offence will execute it, and I also assume, based on the season thus far, that the defence will step up.

However, BC has had a good couple of games, are showing steady improvement, and are at home, so I’m probably wrong.

It’s hard for the east to win out there with the time difference. I hope i’m Wrong, but I think the lions might take it. But who the hell knows…this season is the craziest I’ve ever seen.

BC has shown signs of improvement and are at home. Not sure the larks without VAJ can be successful outside the cozy confines of their home - although as I type they’ve been driving down the field but I see are settling for a FG. Guess we’ll see what the leos can accomplish in their opening drive but I do think Reilly - when given time - can out-duel Shiltz and his buddies.

…bowman block and pick! Better test his urine ;D

Well so far there’s lots of running around but not much scoring!

Well, that was one of the worst calls of all time.

maybe a case of Jones having lots of respect for Reilly

Assuming that a few are on greater than one year deals, they can’t.

All time is a stretch. How often is that play executed properly? 85% or more?

Khari looks like the goat but Pipkin is the real goat here.

What in the frigging hell was Khari Jones thinking? They could have held the Lions and kept the 1 point lead with less than a minute to go. Bloody hell.

yes, one of the worst decisions ever. I am not calling it the worst, but it is in that top few percentile.With basically 1 minute left, and BC w/o timeouts, and Montreal being one of the stronger defences, you take the lead and go into a deep zone over / prevent defence. Jones looks like a goat the whether that goes works or not. I get the logic behind it, but whether it worked or not, it was a poor decision.

I think Jones is doing great in Montreal, but this was a bad call. 3 minutes left or something like that…hey, go for it.