GDT: Alouettes @ Blue Bombers October 12th!

So the Blue Bombers will be defending their home field tomorrow against the team that absolutely shut down the Bombers’ Offence and engineered a stunning second half comeback in Montréal three weeks ago.

Will it be a continuation of the second half of that game in Winnipeg tomorrow? Or will Chris Streveler and the Bombers have some new tricks up their sleeves for the game at Investors Group Field?


15mins north of Winnipeg, currently blizzard conditions with wind at 60-80.
I’ve never in my life seen anything like this in October. Power outtages in various parts of the city.
Supposed to let up…on Sunday.
I believe a serious dose of ground n’ pound will be in order tomorrow. If it’s like this, nobody’s throwing a ball 30 yards.

Stanback is out. It might be the deciding factor.
That said, it is the cfl where any and everything is possible.

Stanback was a zero factor last time we played too…

Bighills revenge game.

Taking my son today, Bombers are doing their Family Day game…lots of kid friendly things going on…

Too bad though, ticket sales look pretty bad.

Cold, 3 game skid, hard sell.

It doesn’t appear that field conditions will be a problem if this is any indications

This was yesterday

Just sitting down to watch
Sore back today so great excuse to relax.

Bombers running dominant so far. Harris/Streveler show. Harris with the score.

Field looks good - shouldn’t be a problem and there doesn’t appear to be any precipitation. BBs managing to move the ball on this opening drive so we’ll see if they can hold off the larks attack!
At least they draw first blood - Harris into the end zone for the TD.
Wonder if Zach is wishing he was back in “warrm -er” TO. Cooler today in Southern Ontario than it was but probably warmer than the 'Peg and certainly NO snow!

Whoa… sure Bomber interception…NOT!

I’ll be an Alouette fan this week and a Bomber fan next… just to mix it up a bit.

Was musing on the Ticat board fact that this is that confusing time of the year when you root for teams you don’t like.

The usual gang of idiots * there had fun with that.

*Quiz: This is a reference to…

Alford with easy TD on 90 yd. punt return.

I just bet they did! ;D Well since we’ve dispatched of the BBs twice and may not meet them again this season (don’t expect to) I guess it’s time to root for them! They may not be kindly disposed enough to want to do us any favours by beating the larks so we clinch first but they do have more than enough reasons to want to win this game - like maybe a home playoff game.

Hey There who are ya calling an IDIOT ?? ;D…Just asking for a friend is all . :slight_smile:

Good one Bobo! LOL!! ;D

BBs looking better this game - managing to produce some offence and slow down the “bird attack”.

Als defense is statistically mediocre at best. No excuses not to move ball against them

But they do manage to make big plays at times when it counts - like the Campbell interception in the end zone. Nothing worse than working to get down the field and tossing a pick! :-[

According to Rod Black - multiple times - that rock is REALLY getting pounded today.