GDsT: Als @ Ticats (week 3), Ticats at Als (week 4); back to back, H-A

The second East Division game of the season sends the Als into the Tiger den, and the third will be the return game next week. The Ticats are undefeated, going into this series. The Als, conversely, are winless.

Might as well use this thread for both games.

I’ll leave the poll up through game 2, and I will be kind enough to allow users to change their votes if game one fouls them up.

They do play a third game, the second to last week of the season, in Montreal. So game one is the only meeting at the Hort.

Last year they split a pair of games, with the road team winning each time.

It’s 2:30 here in the Hammer.

The skies are darkening and the wind is really picking up.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a night full of short passes and running.

STE is going to run all over the lowly Als.

…‘the Hort’…lol

worse than the donut box, lol.

Weather radar makes it seem the storm(s), or the worst of it, will have passed by kickoff

Hope so.

Clearly the weather events are moving through in waves, as the sky has started to clear, and the wind has died, since 1 hour ago.

Typical Hammer weather.

Unless Als at least legitimately try to establish a running game Adams will be no more successful than Pipken was last week.

[tr][td]ADAMS JR, Vernon[/td]
[tr][td]PIPKIN, Antonio[/td]


[tr][td]STANBACK, William[/td]
[tr][td]PIPKIN, Antonio[/td]
[tr][td]ADAMS JR, Vernon[/td]

Unless my math is off, that’s 27 passing plays, 17 rushing; you could be right.

A bigger issue is allowing 608 yards - defence really needs to pick it up.

I just wanted to point out that both starting quarterbacks today are Oregon Ducks.

Also, Masoli will be throwing to Bralon Addison, another Duck, and Vernon Adams will be protected at RT by Tyler Johnstone, another Duck.

Here’s Masoli and Adams last year throwing the O.

The shaky camera work is making this game unwatchable.

I see that as well.

TSN on my 5 channels shows it’s on 3 with the menu and its only on one channel .

Not sure what is going on with TSN .

The channel it’s on says it’s women’s golf .

The other TSN channels have auto racing , men’s soccer , golf .

Anybody else having this issue . I subscribe via the net with TSN .

Wow what a great goal line stand by the Als . Muamba wow .

His eyes were possessed on that goal line stand.

Nobody was getting past him

Great moment for Muamba .

Schiltz in onto QB number 3 .

Adams back in and throws a TD .

Banks knee looks like it needs a rest they might want to find a substitute until they figure out what he did to it .

What a loss ; Bowman out with a injury .

…bad read Masoli

Masoli off tonight .

Als getting the benefit by staying in the game .

Adams needs to be sharper not sure he has the arm for the CFL .

With that Masoli run for a TD that finishes them off .

Why is Rod Black making a big deal about not playing football until Erlington was 13 ?

Am I not hearing this age right ?

Most guys in Canada don’t play until high school .

This Cats team is arguably the class of the league so far but it’s early. Yes, that Thomas-Erlington is a pure pleasure to watch.

Anyone notice that the SkyCam was not present for both Hamilton home games?

Is it being used at other CFL stadiums this season or is TSN “cheaping? out this year and deciding not to employ it?

thank you Rod Black :slight_smile: