GC Winners over the last Quarter Century

I was looking at GC winners of the last 25 years, and it’s been lead by TO with five. The West has 15, and obviously with the East at 10. We are tied at ONE with Baltimore (Stallions for the youngin's) for our GC total…ouch! :-[

Cal & BC- 4 each
Mon/Edm -3 each
Sask -2
Baltimore/Winn/Ott/Ham -1 each

What say ye! :frowning:

Uhm, Winnipeg's last Grey Cup was 1990, 27 years ago...

To correct your math, Edmonton has 4 victories, '93 (Which would the be first year on your list), '03, '05, and '15...

So you put Baltimore in the west?

Winnipeg’s zero wins could be allocated to either east or west, depending on when they didn’t win the games.

Opps...thanks: it was a test, you passed :): it should read:

TO – 5
Cal/ED/BC: 4 each
Mon – 3
Sask -2

Balt/Ott/Ham -1 each

Point is, TO has 20% of them in that time, Pareto was right!
I guess a strong TO is what the league wants, and has.
As for Baltimore, had to put them somewhere; maybe best they're never mentioned again.

Go 'Cats

Interesting thread . Just to take this to another level I thought it would be interesting to do a list of how many times each team has qualified and participated in the Grey Cup over the last quarter century. The Stamps lead with 9 appearances in this time followed by the Alouettes with 8 appearances.....and as we all know that team (which will remain nameless) from down the QEW has the most victories in this time with a perfect 5 Cups in 5 trips to the dance since 1993 . Here is the list team by team and how they fared in the won/loss column in their Grey Cup appearances the last 25 years .

Grey Cup participation team by team 1993 - 2017 including Wins / Losses

Calgary..............9 yrs - 4 W - 5 L - 95(L),98(W)99(L),01(W),08(W),12(L),14(W),16(L),17(L)
Montreal............8 yrs - 3 W - 5 L - 00(L),02(W),03(L),05(L),06(L),08(L),09(W),10(W)
Edmonton..........6 yrs - 4 W - 2 L - 93(W),96(L),02(L),03(W),05(W),15(W)
Toronto.............5 yrs - 5 W - 0 L - 96(W),97(W),04(W),12(W),17(W)
B.Columbia.......5 yrs - 4 W - 1 L - 94(W),00(W),04(L),06(W),11(W)
Saskatchewan...5 yrs - 2 W - 3 L - 97(L),07(W),09(L),10(L),13(W)
Hamilton...........4 yrs - 1 W - 3 L - 98(L),99(W),13(L),14(L)
Winnipeg..........4 yrs - 0 W - 4 L - 93(L),01(L),07(L),11(L)
Ottawa..............2 yrs - 1 W - 1 L - 15(L),16,(W)
Baltimore..........2 yrs - 1 W - 1 L - 94(L),95(W)

Definitely bottom feaders when it comes to Grey Cup appearances and wi s. This has to change immediately. The front office needs to stop sitting on their hands.

Nicely done BoBo! 8)


Just to mess things up.... should we award the STALLIONS appearances to the Als? ;D

There's one in every crowd :wink: