GC TV Rating Lowest In Years

The preliminary TV ratings out and it is 4.1M including RDS. I expect the English TV rating to be around 3.9M which would be the lowest in probably over ten years.

It's too bad. It was a great game and the entire production and presentation was very well done. Honestly, I predict the Super Bowl TV rating will likely double the GC rating this year at around 7.75M. On the upside, the GC remains the second most watched football game of the year in this country.

There are a lot of reasons for the low number. Carrying the game on cable only and a poor season would be my top two picks. Let's admit it too. The NFL is becoming more popular and the Super Bowl is in a different league than the Grey Cup.

Please stop lying Troll!!! The 4.1 million was on TSN only and is preliminary numbers. Most times these numbers go up. :roll: :roll: :roll:


Amen, brother. (* No need to shout :wink: )

well.. the work camp I stay in has 3500 men and the dining area seats about 1500 people... We have 6 large screen TVs (75 inches) and every TV was on the NFL.. I tryed to turn one onto the Grey Cup and got cursed at in Newfaneese. 80% of our work force is from East of Onterrible, so I guess this isnt suprising.

4.1 Million viewers? that's pretty good - it's not surprising that the ratings would be down this year after the play this year and the hype that the Stamps would blow out the Tiger Cats. I'm sure many of the casual fans that only tune into the CFL once a year decided to not even give it a chance.
Not surprising too that the best ratings for the GC were when the Riders played the Als in 09.

11% of the country may not be a record, but it is still good numbers

rcon - Watch your mouth. And don’t let the facts get in the way. The info is from TSN.


The point is … it’s a competitive world in sports TV and the CFL has to work on improving its product to stay competitive. If you love this game, you don’t hide from the problems (ratings are dropping). We saw some good football and promising QBs on Sunday. That’s a step in the right direction.

I don't post a lot, and I never call out another poster, but if you use that word one more time, I am going to reach through this screen and wring your neck. You have turned into the biggest classless poster here.

Here is the full scoop on Grey Cup ratings.

- the 4.1 million number was a combined TSN/RDS number (last year was 4.5 million on TSN alone)
  • More than 10 million unique viewers watched some part of last night’s broadcast on TSN and RDS

– Audience levels for the 102nd GREY CUP peaked at 5.1 million viewers late in the game as Hamilton mounted a fourth-quarter comeback that came down to the game’s final play.

The game is the highest-rated program of the calendar year in the Calgary Extended Market, attracting nearly two-thirds of the population to watch some of the game. The Calgary Extended Market recorded a 33.2 rating for the game, while 68.5% of people watching television viewed the 102nd GREY CUP.

Among other highlights:

The 102nd GREY CUP becomes the 16th program in the history of TSN to average more than 3 million viewers (joining a group that includes the last six GREY CUP broadcasts). No other specialty channel has ever recorded a broadcast with an audience of more than 3 million viewers.
The electric halftime performance by 2014 Grammy Award®-winning rock band Imagine Dragons during the Grey Cup Half-Time Show attracted an average audience of 3.45 million viewers
An average audience of 1.8 million viewers stayed to watch TSN’s extensive post-game coverage

[url=http://www.bellmediapr.ca/Network/TSN/Press/102nd-GREY-CUP-Attracts-41-Million-Viewers-on-TSN-and-RDS]http://www.bellmediapr.ca/Network/TSN/P ... SN-and-RDS[/url]

The key point in this info, is the 65% of people who had their TV on, were watching the GRey Cuo, that is a huge stat

Why does the link say, that the Grey Cuo is the most watch sporting event for the Year to date.

the broadcast year starts in September. The Super Bowl destroys the Cup in Canada now... Being on TSN easily costs the Grey Cup 1 million viewers... As the CFL fans continue to die off, these numbers will only go down. Until the CFL stops being so cheap and develops a video game, and gets interactive with younger people, these numbers will continue to slide. This article is complete crap but it says that 2 out of 3 young people prefer the NFL.

[url=http://metronews.ca/voices/urban-compass-2/1227159/the-grey-cup-just-aint-what-it-used-to-be/]http://metronews.ca/voices/urban-compas ... sed-to-be/[/url]

Much as I hate to agree with Bungle, this situation is not unique. On semi final weekend I walked into a neighbourhood bar and EVERY one of the 10 screens was on NFL. I asked for one in the corner to be switched to the CFL and they gladly did it, but I felt like a leper. The CFL needs to figure out a way to force/convince/pay/partner with bars across the county to at least have 25% of screens showing CFL when both leagues are in action. People can't become fans if they're not exposed to the product.


I think there are lower ratings for Grey Cup games in Vancouver because of the late start on a Sunday back east.
Grey Cup socials and parties should be afternoon affairs at the latest. Sunday evening back east - well most have already had their weekends and too tired to carry on.
AFternoon Grey Cups are better watched on t.v. I would say.
Anyone else agree?????????????/ :rockin: :cowboy:

I don't think the 6:30 pm start here is a deterrent. Some of the more watched games had the same start time as does the Superbowl.

The big key is really engaging the 18-35 market. If the league can get a bigger share of that demographic, TV numbers and attendance will rebound.

One of the priorities for the new commissioner - other than the Argos situation is to try to land a beer sponsor - who in turn would sponsor CFL related things in bars and host Grey Cup parties much like sports bars across the country have Budweiser NFL paraphernalia up year round and have Super Bowl parties that are promoted with all kinds of displays for weeks in bars, on Budweiser commercials on TV with displays in the beer store etc.

how can the CFL not have a beer sponsor? its unbeilvable really. to think Labatt Blue is named after the Bombers and yet they dont have a relationship?

Ironically it sounds like Saskatchewan's long standing beer sponsorship, which has been pretty vital to the franchise at times, is changing next season.