GC Ticket taken to Lost and Found!

I just want to thank a very special fan out there somewhere...unfortunately we don't know who they are...

While in a washroom at the MTCC one of my friends misplaced a Grey Cup ticket (dropped it on the floor)...once they figured out the had lost it, they were prepared to buy from a scalper, but the scalper told them they may be able to get a reprint from the box office if it was bought on a credit card...ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...A SCALPER WITH A CONSCIENCE!!!!

They decide to back track on their way to the box office and stopped at an information booth near the washroom were he thought he may have lost it...and low and behold some outstanding young fan (the information desk said it was a guy around 18 - 20 years old) had found it and turned it in!!!

Whoever you are THANK YOU!!! From both my friend and the 9 of us that were going to the game with him!