GC - Stamps wore away jerseys?

I though the west was the home team this year? The riders were the visiting team last year. how come the als had their home jerseys on?

Isn't it the division that hosts the grey cup who is considered the home team? So next year the Western team would be the home team, well let's assume there's not that stupid crossover. If I had to chnage one thing with the CFL season's structure it would be it!

I expected the west to be the home team as well this year....I guess it is who hosts it

i think they may have just let the als wear their home jerseys seeing that they were in the big show at home. the 2005 grey cup in BC had the west esks wearing their whites and if i remember correctly the argos wore their away uniforms in ottawa in 2004.

Having the crossover is good for the Cfl. It provides the east with an incentive to win, or be excluded from the play-offs.
Haveing an all east or west Greycup should not take away from the Greycup being a Canadian event. The Greycup, should be supported by all of Canada.
The current history of the cfl is, the west is slighty stronger than the east, but the game seems to be playing the same, which is very good for football fans. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the champagne stains aren't as noticeable in the white uni's... :stuck_out_tongue:

Did anyone have to look at the jerseys to figure out who the home team was?


the stamps were suppose to be the home team (dark uniforms, offence introduction)as it alternates each year between east and west as the grey cup venue is suppose to be neutral.

Maybe they agreed to the switch, maybe the home team gets a choice in the Grey Cup, maybe nobody really cared. About the only advantage to being the home team could be that the home team might have a nicer dressing room.

The thing is that the game was played in Montreal, Montreal had the fans, that is the only real advantage and unless you had your TV muted, you knew who the real home team was by the noise.

The home always gets to choose which jersey they wear and some teams like/prefer a certain jersey.

It's why the Cowboys are almost always in white. They always wear it home and mostly the road because the home team usually goes with the dark jersey.

I can confirm that. I was there in Ottawa (of course)