GC Ratings take a hit

Not sure - I'd have to look it up.


TSN seems very pleased with the #'s


Younger people stream?

Wonder what revenues the league is getting for that increased viewership.

NFL actually had some pretty bad games scheduled so I doubt they were much of an impact this time (unless your 6-7 team is fighting for its playoff life lol)

I think streaming is biggest issue

I would love to have a CFL digital pass and then I could cut my cable. I'm content to see it stay with TSN (CBC was terrible and didn't give a hoot about expanding the audience).

As a side note, I thought the demographics were good at the game in terms of age. There were three young women beside me who spent most of the game out of their seats (presumably on the concourse) and the most exciting moment for them was when they made it to the big screen. Other than that they mostly texted (in $400+ seats - insert old man eye-roll here). But the THF experience is geared for them and they seemed to enjoy it. There needs to be an broadcast equivalent - something like the Manning brothers on ESPN.


Change the field.

Looking at TSNs PR spin a little further i think its a bunch of nonsense.

Basically they're talking about the number of people that used, or viewed a post with the #Grey Cup in it?

TSN’s official social media platforms attracted major engagement around the #GreyCup, with 1.6 million views on Instagram, nearly 300,000 views on TikTok, and more than 275,000 video views on Twitter, with total Twitter impressions at more than 800,000.

I do that from my seats - at the game.

For a minute I thought the streaming numbers were substantial but they're not saying how much the 75% is an increase of in total viewers.

Not buying it.


Maybe they will answer you...

If you want to know why people are not watching it's probably best to go-to the source instead of guessing what they need.
Not saying the CFL has to cater to certain groups but once you sort through the BS responses there may be some actual real reasoning..but maybe not.
But you need to listen ..well not you but the league does

I can tell you what under 40s say about the CFL.

  • too many flags
  • too many punts
  • boring games (11-4 at half)
  • broadcasts are minor league
  • players move like fantasy football
  • not enough teams
  • too many flags
  • too many flags
  • too many flags

There you go.
The problem is when people bring these things up they get net with resistance from the old guard.

Nobody cares that the Ticats beat the Bills in 1953 and nobody cares that Joe something from Michigan came to the CFL cause the NFL was racist or some guy from the US said this is a great league.

They use their phones during games. They text. Look at Instagram between plays. May even stream another game while they watch.

They may not want to sit in their designated seat for 4 hours. (the horror).

The CFL needs to focus group the younger crowds and come up with actual solutions to these things. Perception is reality. It doesn't matter if these things are real issues or not. They (the target demographic) think they are. Therefore they are.

The league has a problem. Go too far and they alienate the long time "older" fan... Don't do enough and you don't get the younger ones.

It's a tough spot, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that "get the games back on CBC" is not the answer.

I don't have all the answers, but I do know that having Arkells as the halftime show is what the league needs more of.


The Arkells were very popular with the younger fans at the game. That was the only time the kids beside me weren't texting and were actually in their seats.

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I agree the on-field product and entertainment factor have declined significantly over many years. That's the most important reality for the CFL to address in the near term.
Ambrosie admitted in his state-of-the-league speech that the league will leave no stone unturned in an effort to make the CFL game more entertaining. He continued by saying that CFL owners are in a mood for radical change. (Translation: The owners have finally realized that the status quo is not working and small incremental "tweaks" will not suffice).
This is a monumental development because, at long last, this league is realizing it is in the entertainment business above all else.
So... we'll see just how "radical" the owners want to be. When you're in the entertainment business, your most important assets are the entertainers. The players are the entertainers. They execute and display the entertainment potential that is inherent in the CFL game... 3 downs, bigger field, motion before the snap, 12 players, etc.
You want to provide the most entertaining on-field product? You start with the best "entertainers" on the field.... period. The CFL will never be the best it can be as long as the league forces its teams to make up nearly half of their rosters based on passports and not athleticism, skill and ability.
We'll see how many owners have the onions to go down that path!

The biggest part of what should be an online streaming service is this:

It has world wide reach and it does not depend on broadcasters for distribution. As long as you have an internet connection you can watch the game from anywhere.

Put it on my Roku or phone or whatever. Add past media and games. Sell your media as a service.

Here's the thing about their texting and not sitting in their seats..... Their money is worth the same.

CTV is free over the air in Montreal but they show the NFL games on Sunday. Wonder what the ratings were for their NFL Sunday game. CBS, NBC and Fox also available free over the air from the stations just across the Vermont/New York border.

The Dec 12 date was a one off this year. It's normally 3 weeks earlier, but Covid this year.

3 downs worked well for Collaros and Winnipeg on Sunday. And the Cats did well also. Over 40 points in difficult weather conditions with the winds.

grey cup is ALWAYS played AFTER time change
recall the ottawa gc recently ? to me the snow really hurt the game - else start season on labour day

gc needs to have a very good field - its not enuf to say; "hey, its canada" - gc is the final came of year and is meant to show the game off to cdns and american n cdn under 30 crowds

the 6 hour pregame is only because of the late start time.
The West final and every other game starts 1pm Western time.

I don't think there would be much resistance from the "old guard" about too many flags.