GC Ratings take a hit

Why would anyone watch 4 down CFL when they have 4 down NFL and NCAA?


I wasn't into this season like others.
It definitely contributed.
And regardless of what the numbers say the quality of game declined, some games were unwatchable.

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4 downs isn't the answer. Better caliber ball at 3 downs is.


While I fundamentally disagree with it going back to the CBC - i do wonder if Friday Night Football should be showcased on CTV as a simulcast with TSN.

Now that I could get on board with.

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That sounds good. CTV telecasts NFL over the air on Sunday. So why not CFL on Friday night and later on Saturday.

If you look at the quality of the broadcast for the Grey Cup - that's the standard TSN should be held to for Friday Night Football. In the NFL Sunday Night is the Prime game of the week with the best production, so FNF should be the same.

Get Duthie to do one game a week, treat it like the marquee game (and make sure the schedule allows for it) and get it on CTV/TSN - 4K, etc.

I like it.


3 downs is sufficient for the wider Canadian field.


Move the start time to 4pm
6:30pm Eastern is a horrible start time for the game.

Theres more to Canada than just Ontario - I can't imagine our friends in the west want the GC starting at 1pm. Pregame is on the air at what? 7am?

  • 2015: Ottawa/Edmonton 4.079M
  • 2016: Calgary/Ottawa 3.6M
  • 2017: Toronto/Calgary 4.072M
  • 2018: Ottawa/Calgary 3.1M
  • 2019: Hamilton/Winnipeg 3.6M

2018 saw a drop of near a million .

The ratings game unlike the NFL is bouncing around ; never getting near the old 8 million mark decades ago in the 70's or more recently 2009 with 6.1 million but seems to be hovering with spikes of interest .

For me it's not the drop it's the total lack of growth for 50 years in a domestic market that has grown in population significantly .

For me it's expansion within Canada and the lack of creating a larger story that needs an ending to complete the tale being told to a larger vested domestic audience .

Same story the CFL needs more domestic CONTENT .

It needs to bring down the capacity of stadiums for growth domestically and still keep the scale for good facilities for players .

They need to bring in someone to expand within Canada to at least bring a betting line to 6 games a week .

Genius can only do so much with only 9 teams and sometimes only 3 games a week .

Get this league that it doesn't need to sell a gameday ticket by other means .


where is CTV free?

over the air aka OTA aka antenna

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For me, most of my disinterest this year was mostly due to the horrible product on the field. The year off and lack of pre-season games were both big contributors. Some guys excell in practice, but for some reason fail in games; and the reverse is true.

I got more into the MLB again, followed the Raptors and Jays through their nomadic seasons, and found other things to watch on the screen. I used to be glued to the TV for almost every CFL game, but the feeling of ennui and the crap product made me change the station quite a bit this season.

Finally, the League and individual teams simply HAVE to market the game to everyone. That means reaching out and marketing to ALL cultures - especially to nowcomers to Canada.


So we need a Nav Bhatia!


And all the "Over 40" people are here to tell us the solutions ...

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So if the CFL ever switches to three downs Pipkin will be a star?

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We are very wise men and sages, and we all have trouble peeing.


How do you know there aren't solutions coming from people in their 30s?

A lot of us "over 40" people are also part of that "Lost Generation" of CFL fans that had to deal with TV blackouts for home games in the 80s. Give us some credit for sticking with the team through THAT.

Also, I would think that us "over 40s" types DON'T have all the answers. One thing we DO have is experience and memory. How about you "uner 40s" people explain what might work for YOU. How do YOU watch games, follow the League/teams, preferred news/information media, etc? What marketing and outreach do you tkink will work for your generations?

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doesnt CFL already play 3 downs ? pipkin needs playing time but i dont know if he become a star but i am quite sure he'll be better than macbeth - and pipkin sure as heck can run