GC Ratings take a hit

Not great. Under 3 million average.

Move it to Saturday. Get it over with.


Two smaller markets have an impact , no Sask, , second time around for same teams , and cable cutters have increased drastically , moving to Sat then we are up against hockey night in Canada.

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Year off, poor product on the field, etc.
I agree that Saturday would be a better option. Also, two weeks between the Division Filans and the Cup.
Tie-in the Vanier Cup and other USports playoffs.

Either go Friday sat or sat Sunday vanier GC same stadium same weekend ticket package

This is a problem.

CFL knows they have a demographic issue. Last night's crowd, walking around regular Ticat games, even this message board doesn't have enough sub 50s. (Nevermind sub 40).

It's not cord cutting, it's not the market, it's simply the product is suffering and when the league went away for a year it did affect things. People found other stuff to do. (And maybe stuff to watch).

The CFL is currently the equivalent of Blockbuster Video. They'd better figure this out soon.

Ratings go up and down over the years for most sports leagues. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Next year the ratings might rise just as much as they fell this year. Every year the sky is falling in the CFL and yet here we are. Still alive.


These are the worst ratings possibly ever.

I know alot of former Blackberry employees that used to be told it would be ok.


That's hilarious. I remember reading about Kodak Execs trying to convince their people that digital cameras were a fad. :grin:

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The point is the sky doesn't have to be falling to identify issues that need addressing.

Last night's game was a return for the Grey Cup. It was an advertisement for the CFL. It should have been free on streaming devices with tons of ads. Lots of people looking for illegal streams online.

TSN could have used it as a "free trial of TSN direct". Something.

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A 5-10% sway either way is nothing to worry about. 22% drop and a nearly 50% drop from 2010 is another thing. NFL ratings are up big time from a decade ago, hockey is steady and Formula 1 is on fire all of a sudden. The CFL is sadly the odd man out here. Something will need to be done sooner than later. What that something is, I'm not sure, but for the league sake they have to figure it out

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As far as entertainment value this Grey Cup had it all. Lead changes, exciting finish and Overtime. Also 2 very passionate fanbases. If it was a lopsided blowout then casual fans might change the channel but it was a good, hard fought, close game.

The ratings are indeed disappointing.


Many of my friends and family we're asking me about the game, mostly they were talking about the conceded point. These are people that never pay any mind to the CFL, and a few who criticize it.

At least from my end, people WERE taking about the game. I'm hoping it stirred up some passion and interest. Many said it was a great game, drama filled. Hopefully we earned a few new fans.

Long term, the CFLs future lies with the XFL, if we leverage the opportunity while we have it. If we don't the XFL will gobble up whatever college talent we once had access too leaving us with what?

Like it or not, the XFL has the financial backing and celebrity clout with The Rock.

If the CFL can secure a revenue sharing agreement with the XFL, we could see the salary cap double... maybe even more? I'd have to think that would allow us to continue to access the talent we need. We might even get continuity on rosters offering bigger paychecks in exchange for multi year commitments / no NFL out clauses.

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It was free on streaming devices. ESPN2 and BT Sports 1 as well as TSN

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Four downs, baby.

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i always get a laff when coaches say; 'football is football'
3 downs vs 4 downs is a helluva big difference - that's why players n coaches who r u.s. born and grew up playin 4 down football ave an entirely different mindset

w/ 3 downs ur qb needs to be mobile and a big part of ur offence running the ball
pipkin would make for a great qb
reminds all too much of another argos qb who also wore 16 [brandone bridge]
i dont think argos could get bridge '[ont born] to come out n play
pipkin / bridge would make a great tandem
design plays to take advantage of their mobiliy

tsn aint free but ctv is and showed nfl games - the proper soln is to show cgl games on cbc and then it would make easy to get fed $s for the cfl

NFL and NHL are free over the air. I don't mind paying $100 for 6 months to watch the CFL on TSN but with rising prices on everything some people can't afford the luxury. Get the game back on CTV or CBC. Agree with 2 weeks between finals and Grey Cup. And maybe an earlier start.

Precisely. Describes me pretty accurately.

yes, saturday and 3 pm local so play can be game in mostly daylight hours to help reduce effect of night=colder temp
would love to see opening day be may long weekend
that way

victoria day
canada day
civic holiday
labour day

can be used as long weekend games to showcase games

and play GC game BEFORE clocks change to play most of game in daylight to try to play most of game in daylight hrs and better weather

games in one stad in one weekend makes for a bad field