To all those negative people (especially in Eskimo Land) who says we don't deserve to host the Grey Cup, in your face!!! We may not have a Big Stadium but we still managed to sellout 45,000 tickets that we had on sale, so i guess i have nothing to say but shut the hell up already. According to a poll condusted by the Winnipeg Sun, 89% of 15,000 people polled said this is the best Grey Cup in a decade or more. According to The Winnipeg Free Press, Ticket sales are higher than the past 4 Grey Cups and Winnipeg is expected to clear over 2 million bucks. And i was partying all week and you can feel the buzz in the PEG, everyone is having a blast and i agree this is the BEST GC PARTY in a long time. Sorry eskimo Fan that doubted us, guess you don't know sh!t after all........ way to go Winnipeg and all true CFL fans in the PEG for the GC from all CFL cities. Fans from every CFL city are here to join the festivities. Guess we showed em all hey BB fans!!!

...it never ceases to amaze me how negative people always seem to look like morons in the end.....not mentioning any names there EE and a few others.......heh heh... :lol: :lol:

thax guys cuz i knew that i had to make a post like this. To everyone that said that winnipeg doesn;t have sports fans and doesn;t deserve the GC well just take a look at what happened. A sell out of 45,000. No shocker there.