GC in Toronto... more publicity?

With many Americans being able to name only Toronto as a city in Canada, and with the Grey Cup game being held in Toronto this year, do you think that there is a possiblity that the game could get more attention from the south this year?

Where is Toronto? Kidding do you really think for a minute they will allow more media coverage? I doubt it.

The only extra coverage will come from the NFLsnobs trying to use it as an excuse to hype their case more and more ... "Look how popular football is in Toronto! You should give us an NFL team!" (Of course, if the Grey Cup bombed, it would be "See, Toronto doesn't want the CFL! It wants the NFL!" :roll:)

LOL. You pretty much hit it with that comment.

Lets have a friendly side bet.......

How many Paul Godfrey inviting the NFL stories will appear during Grey Cup week?

Seriously though, should Toronto make it to the Grey Cup, I would think there would be more media coverage.

A sold out GREY CUP before hand will be impossible to ignore and I don't think that PAUL is taken seriously by many people any more , here.

Since THE FAN and CTV are part of this , this game will be really hyped.

This will also be the CBC's last GREY CUP and it is TSN's interest to hype this game because they take over in 2008.

I think by now Godfrey is going down, down, down with his credibility on the NFL team thing in Toronto, other than them holding a regular season game every so often. And he has to know this otherwise he is a bigger fool than I thought he is. His time to deliver his promised NFL team for Toronto was when the Skydome was hot stuff back in the early '90’s. And he didn’t deliver.

Allot of the press [and PAUL] will be eating a very large CROW if this game sells out well before hand.

Earl, I would agree with you if Godfrey was the lone man on the island.
Unfortunately and as you know from living in Southern Ontario, he has a large wannabee audience in the media. Waiting at his every word to beat the NFL drums. "Creating a story" with rumours when there are none. There is not a reporter or media audience that Mr Godfrey does not like nor his desire to be quoted.
Like sheep being lead to slaughter, there are alot of people that want to hear this NFL nonsense and therefore believe the message from this messanger.

The CFL doesn't need hype in the US, since we have no teams there. What the CFL needs is hype in major markets like TOronto and Vancouver. Hopefully this Grey Cup will deliver.

You are right THM, With the combination of Grey Cup 2005 and the Lions doing well, football has been making a comeback in Vancouver. Hopefully similar results will happen this year and onward in Toronto.

The 2006 GREY CUP also helped put WINNIPEG back in the black :thup: :cowboy: