GC Halftime show announcement due Monday....

....let the speculating begin....


How about the old Stampeders Rock Group? That would be a natural for Calgary. :wink: :wink:

"Sweet City Woman"! :thup: :thup:

Great choice and the one sure way to insure that the Stampeders play at the Grey Cup.

I still want Stompin Tom though.

Fitty Cent... if they let him cross the border...

How about Henry Burris and his Bunny Hop Touchdown Celebration? I know that entertained me...and seeing as how he won't be in the GC this year, he'll have the time...nyuk nyuk nyuk...

I have a feeling that whatever act they get it will have a country flair. I don't know what the musical preferences are of people in Calgary but it seems at times that organizers of big events in Calgary think they have to stick with the western theme.

I just hope it’s not the Jonas Brothers…

I’ll never understand why the NFL got them to perform for the Thanksgiving Day triple header… :?

Joel Plaskett would be great, he's got a bit of country flair to his stuff but that's not important, he's just excellent but probably not high profile enough which is too bad. Matt Good would be great also, he's touring now. Matt Mayes also but not big enough I suppose. The Trews, another great group. Man we have great groups here in Canada. New and old. Rush.

....'Git up and get your grandma outta here'....fingers crossed for Kiss....

I'm guessing that it won't be the Jonas Brothers or their Sisters for that matter. I don't have any idea who Fitty scents is, chances are I don't want to either.

Don't bet the farm on it being a Country act, last time here it was the Guess Who.

I hope they book an act that the crowd will get into, like Trooper in Edmonton.

I think they should follow 5 simple rules:

  1. No rap
  2. Pick somebody that appeals to a wide generational audience
  3. No rap
  4. Be upbeat and something that encourages crowd participation,(see Edmonton 1997 and raise a little hell)
  5. No rap

…and no rap…

I doubt it'll happen in Canada, but I wouldn't mind seeing DMB do a halftime show... either for the Grey Cup or the Super Bowl.

Oh, and no rap.

And especially NO RAP CRAP!

I can guarantee without exception it will NOT be a country act, in fact you heard it here first: it's a 54-40 reunion :rockin:

I vote for rap, but agree no crap rap ( I know thats an oxy moron to some).

I say keep it Canadian, and keep it non nickleback.

I'm with Earl, Joel Plaskett would be great, but not many people know him so doubt he will be the one.

Mathew Good just put out a new album so I bet he wouldn't mind the exposure.

It doesn't really matter to me as I never really pay attention to it anyways.

54-40, nice! But agree with Billy, the half-time I don't really pay a lot of attention to other than I really think we should try to keep it Canadian since we have so many great musicians in this country and don't need to go abroad except for maybe the odd one here and there is necessary, but is it necesasary? I doubt it.

At half time i go take a massive leak and get more food. Doesn't bother me who's playing lol.

Just heard its Troy Westwood and his band Eagle and Hawk.

You know, there are commercial breaks... you don't have to hold it in for the entire half. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing I would like to see is that they pick an act and let them play. This Canadian obsession of being afraid to hurt someones feeling sometimes goes too far. We don't need an English act and a French act and a native act and a coloured act and a gay act, pick one and let him/her play. Oh and lots of fireworks.

Stompin tom with fireworks, now that would be a show. :cowboy: :twisted: :lol: