GC Cat's and Riders

Ok, so what are your thoughts and predictions on this final game of the season. I think if we continue to use Sheets and Sanders in the back field, our D playing hard and the O line holds, we should win this. We need to keep turnovers and Penalties to a min. I am sure DD is thinking nothing but winning this one and will be focused. I think we will win, but it will be a good close game.

really, the big concern IMO is Hank's long ball. He loves passing deep, and the Riders have been prone to the deep ball because they apply pressure and put T-brack close a lot. If Hank gets time, and Tbrack is roaming away from the middle, it will sting.

I think we will see their running game go slowly, so expect to see LeFevour a bit, same as against the Als. He has also been a bit hesitant of running, so that might surprise us. Broken play / scrambling Hank is when he is best.

I see Dressler getting some deeper flag/corner passes, somewhere the Cats are weak and the Riders are strong passing to. The move where he looks like he will fad post and takes off flag....they have not used it a pile in the 2nd half of the season.

if LeFevour comes in I'd love to see a 6 man attack with tight man and 1. possibly with Buttler playing essentially a second S. So 4 on the line, 2 LB coming, Buttler fading to one side,, TBrack to the other, one rolling with LeFevour, the other who LeFevour is rolling away from stay a bit more back middle.

IMO the Riders have the a much better D, and they are roughly level on O. I think that if the Riders establish a running game early that the deep ball will be huge.

Of course the weather is the biggest factor. If the cold sticks, running will be huge. If we actually do see a high of ~0, it is essentially a full play book for both sides.

If the fans can get in Henry's head and he turns one over...who knows. That said, I firmly believe that if Hank throws a bad one, that Austin will be able to settle him. Austin is a great coach. These Cats are 11 wins in the last 15. They are night and day from what the Riders played early on.

Supposed to be a 60 k wind. Splits the game in half and the coin toss could be significant in deciding the outcome. Go Riders

The Forecast I use shows wind NW at 20km.... We will have to wait til game time for sure.

As far as the game, I think Hamilton will use CJ Gable more. If the Rider front 4 can get pressure, look for Hamilton to get the ball into receiver's hands quickly and set up plays for YAC Yards. Especially if the field is a little slick.

The Riders also need to make sure Henry doesn't take off. With the ball being cold and hard, Henry has shown he has issues with throwing.

The key for the Riders will be to get an early lead, and let the fans do their work. If the Riders can get up early, it will be a huge advantage.

Hank has a history of getting rattled. I think that will be the case here. The noise level should be off the scale. DD is on a mission. I see a Rider win.

Great post! Let's switch it up and take the reasons who will win OFF the field.

Hamilton will win because:

  • Kent Austin is a winner, pure and simple. 5-0 in CFL playoffs
  • Burris LOVES Mosaic and usually plays well here.
  • Burris is as focused as Durant and would love to win in front of Rider Nation
  • Fantuz comes back and will be the outstanding Canadian
  • Congi knows how to kick at at Mosaic
  • Ti-Cats are underdogs - they've been under the radar all week
  • 103 years of pride, 100 years of heartbreak - the grim reaper is always near for the Riders.
  • major pressure on the Riders being at home
  • Anderson will finally shoot his mouth off and it will cost us the game. I've said it all year. Watch in awe.
  • Riders always break the string - consecutive host teams to win the cup......

Riders will win because:

  • they're due after the 2009 debacle
  • Durant is 1-2 in Cups but doesn't count the first one.
  • in Cups, Hamilton is 2-1 against us and Riders are due.
  • Riders didn't touch the Western final trophy - hey, this means something.
  • Durant looks completely focused.
  • Geroy is a massive calming influence in the dressing room and huddle.
  • Cortez has some unfinished business with the Ti-Cats and a win here would love to pound a nail.
  • Durant tells Cortez to ram it and runs for his life.
  • Sheets finds out Cornish wins MVP and decides to make a statement....(like he hasn't already)
  • Geroy will catch the biggest catch of his life

This is the stuff that wins and loses games. Y'er welcome.

Durrant finds any receiver and throws it so any receiver can catch it !

Riders Win

Durant sees greenrider in the stands and gives him the bird as he runs it in for the winning touch down.
I'm so tired of your Durant bashing please go and cheer for the Stamps. Tate I'm sure is your kind of guy.
After being here for over two years and you only have that many posts? All of them I can safely assume bashing Durant gets really really old. For fans like yourself I hope Durant breaks all Grey cup records in passing, touchdowns passes, and yards in this game.

They'll try Gable......so we shut that down.

They'll try Gable out of backfield.........Weldon or Butler are on that.

Hank's feet...........get good pressure and control the lanes. McCullough needs to be Johhny on the spot and takeaway these potential yards.

I believe our weakness is at corner. Tristan and Williams just need to be ready. I'd like to see brack get a pick and let Henry know the deep stuff won't work.

Fantuz..........the biggest threat. Big target and great hands. Can gain alot of YAK cards with his big frame. mazer and Dwight time.

Special teams.....they have a newish returner that can wheel. Shut him right down and make the tackles.

It starts with the big fellas. Chick, Foley, McElveen, Sholy, Evans. Give em lots of trouble and it all starts there.

Durant just needs to be patient. Sooner or later things will open up. I think our veteran presence on D gives us an edge. More than half our D-line has rings! DD just needs to let it come. Our O-line was really strong against the stamps and if they repeat this Sunday the Cats are in trouble.

Back to teams. No more botched field goals, high punt snaps...........and tackles all day. These little things are huge. We take of all that and we're winners.

Hey DD hater, let me say this, I for one am happy DD is playing this game, He's playing with confidence and a lot of heart. He won't be the reason if we loose this, which I am sure we won't. When this is over and we win, I hope then your constant bull posts will end, and shut you up for good!!

It's funny to see DD haters still. Although with some of these so called fans, they would be calling for the Back-Up QB if our starter was Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning.

If you sit back and really think....
2007 - DD mentors under Kerry Joseph and Kent Austin and wins a Grey Cup as a Back up QB
2008 - Gets 3 starts, and plays during several other games - Michael Bishop, Marcus Crandell, Steven Jyles other QB's
2009 - First year official Starter. Record 10-7-1 - Lose Grey Cup on the 13th Man call
2010 - Famous Montreal Showdown first game of year. Record 10-8 - Lose Grey Cup to Montreal by 3 points
2011 - Greg Marshall Experiment gone bad - Record 5 - 13. Dont make playoffs - Bad team & Injuries (Not DDs fault)
2012 - 1st Year Chamblin - Record 8 - 10. Lose to Calgary on a last minute play in WSF
2013 - Best year statistically of DD`s career - 31 TD passes. Grey Cup Appearance YTBD

In 5 years as the undisputed starter, DD has taken the team to the Grey Cup 3 times. He has had a different Offensive Coordinator for the last 4 years. His QB Passer rating averages 90. And in the last 3 years as a maturing QB, he has thrown only 38 INT`s to 80 TD passes. The wealth of experience this guy has is second to none. And most importantly, he has handled the pressure of Rider Nation like a professional. This guy IMO is an elite QB, and the Rider fans should truly appreciate his abilities and class.

Any Rider fan that is a DD hater needs to go away as they really just don't understand football. Chances are, they never have played a minute of it in their lives.

I will supporting my team and its players on Sunday 100%. And I will support my team and its players 100% on Monday, win or lose!

So my hats off to DD and the guys this year on a wonderful season. Now just one more win to truly make this season really special!
Go Riders!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

amen brother amen.

Hey Grubber, I agree with you that DD does need to be patient. But he also has to remember that this is the last game of the season, so he has to be able to pull out all the stops too. If the Riders are down in the fourth quarter, he has to take chances.

In 2009, I fully believe that the Riders did not lose the game on the infamous "13th Man" call. They lost it on 2 to 3 plays during Montreals offensive possessions in the last 6 minutes. If you watch the replay of that game, There were situations where Calvillo had no right to throw into some of the coverages he did. There was no room... But by fractions of millimetres(and some luck), the ball always seemed to get there and Montreal kept moving the chains. It was a classic, nothing to lose scenario, and Montreal pulled it off. They eventually got Duval into a situation to win, when the game should have been over 3 minutes earlier. IMO, I was the difference between a veteran team, and young team.

This go around, the Riders are the veteran team. So yes, be patient first. But if they happen to be down and the game clock is winding down, don't be afraid to take chances either. I fully believe that the Cats will get panicky even if they have the lead (Especially a narrower lead). They could over compensate or take a PI call. The Riders have guys who are playmakers, so they shouldn't be afraid to let them try make a play...

" I fully believe that the Cats will get panicky even if they have the lead (Especially a narrower lead)."

Really. Like against Montreal in the semi when the Tiger cats took the ball and drove against a heavy wind and a good defense with not much time on the clock and scored. Limited the Als offence to a field goal then and stuffed a touchdown into their endzone on the next possession in overtime, while achieving first downs with third down plays.

And then in Toronto in the final, when down by 14 points, proceeded to score touchdowns on two consecutive drives to tie the game and then limited the best quarterback in the league to two and outs for the vast majority of the second half while wearing down Chris Jones' defense with long drives to seal the deal. Even getting first downs on 2nd and 19 and 2nd and 16.

You must be describing some other team. 'Cause that ain't Hamilton. As you will find out Sunday.

But, please believe what you will!!

You make valid points but…
The situation Im trying to describe, has happened twice in the Eastern playoffs. In the Hamilton/Montreal game, Troy Smith forces the ball into double coverage at the end of the game. There was contact on the receiver and a PI should have been called. Now I’m not saying that the non PI call had any effect on the end result of the game. I’m just saying that the Hamilton DB disrupted the receiver and got away with one. If he doesn’t do it, the chances of a Montreal Touchdown would have increased substantially.

The second was the Eastern Final. In the fourth quarter, Toronto had the Cats second and long, and Burris throws one up for Fantuz in tight coverage. The Toronto DB tried jumping the route and the End result was a flag being thrown. Hamilton got a first down. In that situation the Toronto player made the wrong move. He didn’t have to take a PI… Fantuz was short of the first down.

The point I’m trying to make is that when all the marbles are on the line, some players excel, others fold. I just believe that if the Cats are ahead in the fourth quarter in a tight game, they may not have the experience necessary to relax and just play ball. I’m saying that some of them will get panicky, or over excited. It’s the nature of the beast. And that over excitement could cost them if an experienced team exploits it.

If Hamilton Offence can stay away from second and long situations, they will be hard to stop!!!
Oskee wee wee Oskee wah wah Tigers eat em Rawwww :twisted:

A Toronto DB making a bad decision on Fantuz in the eastern final has absolutely nothing to do with your earlier assertion that Hamilton is going to panic in a tough situation.

In the eastern semi final, if the Montreal DB did not hook Fantuz's arm when Stala tried to throw him the ball earlier, Hamilton would have just as likely scored as Carter could have later in the game. But, no one seems to consider that.

Yes, in some playoff games or critical circumstances, there are players who will not or cannot step up. But, as I pointed out earlier, that has not been the case with Hamilton. Think of the second Montreal game in Guelph, where they were behind and came up with big plays to win. The last two games against Toronto, where this team needed wins and got them. Faced a big 3rd down play against a surging Ricky Ray. He threw to the end zone for the win. Hamilton's secondary did not initiate a PI call, but rather gave Ray his first interception of the season.They were faced in and before the playoffs with come from behind and hold the fort situations and not only did they not panic or crumble, but got the job done. So they have the experience you are requiring.

Having won 3 Grey Cups on two different teams, no one has more experience than Ricky Ray. Hamilton beat him 2 of 3 times this season and a tough Chris Jones defense to boot.

Henry Burris has a Grey Cup ring while Durant has none. We have veterans and coaches with not only Grey Cup experience but victories as well. Our head coach has two rings himself.

Not sure how much experience is necessary to satisfy your concern. But I do believe it's NOT well founded.

Just cuz Kent has 2 rings, does not mean the Cat's will win, are they improved since start of season yes, Do they belong in this game, yes, will they win, maybe, but my odd's favor Riders, home town, fans, DD knows what it takes now along with a room full of vet's with rings, it's going to be a good game. If the Riders play like they did against the Stamps, they will make it look easy. If they don't, it's gonna be close!! The cat's are this year for the most part, like Riders where in 09/10. Young team with a bright future, I just don't think it will be tomorrow.!

It does mean that Kent has been there and knows what it takes to win. Your colleague suggested that Hamilton did not have the experience. Those rings suggest, among other things, that as a leader of this team, he does.

Of course, your odds favour the Riders, I got that answer from reading your handle.

The reason Durant is having such a good year is because of Cortez, plain and simple. We saw first hand his talents as an OC the year before. Does your quarterback know what it takes to win? He reasoned recently on a TSN video that Henry has his ring, so he should let him have his. That sounds like someone who is brimming with confidence.

The stamps bumbled and stumbled their way out of that game. Not sure you should take a lot from that.

You beat the Stamps and Hamilton beat the best quarterback in the league. I say our odds are pretty good.

Tomorrow will tell the tale and we see who has the right stuff, The cat's could be our spoiler, but I think the Riders are to focused to not take this, not saying Hamilton isn't either, but I just think it's our time and moment. it's gonna be a good game, regardless!