GC 102: Our "Healthiest" Roster this Year?

Seems to me, that the team that is hitting the feild will be the best, least injured team of this year.

"The only thing that overcomes Hard Luck, is Hard Work" :thup: Could be this years motto.

GO 'CATs :rockin:

That would be excellent for sure if the case.

The only player not to practice on the first day of practice was Plesius. We don't know about day 2 as practice was closed, but I believe we will have the "healthiest" depth chart on Sunday. There are still 18 players on the injured list who probably would disagree with this sentiment. I hope the team brought most, if not all of them, to BC. Cheering for your team on the sidelines is something that would be something of a small consolation, this, plus the fact that they'll get their names on the Cup along with those on the '46'.


Well I guess there's your answer...same roster two weeks in a row! :rockin:

[quote="Mikefrmthhammer"..... they'll get their names on the Cup along with those on the '46'.
While not sure enough to bet the mortgage, I'm pretty sure only those players who actually dress for the winning team get their names on Grey Cup.

A healthy Fantuz makes a big difference. Its too bad that Bulcke is out for the season but Gaydosh has looked to be now in full swing as a 3rd DT.
Having Harris as more of a run stopping SAMLB opposed to a coverage dime DB fits well for the Calgary running game and use of Cote more than a 5th receiver than most teams do with a FB/TE.