GBear was right !!! Cats sign Sutton

The Cats have officially signed Sutton . Somewhere in the land of Banned there is a certain Bear who must be smiling . I gotta admit that I’m a little surprised by this signing but hopefully Sutton has a little gas left in his 32 year old tank to help us down the stretch drive and into the play-offs .

Gerbear is like Nostradamus. Throw enough predictions out there and eventually some will come true. ;D

Sutton is a little on the older side for a RB but should still have something left in the tank. Hopefully Condell actually uses him.

A broken clock is right twice a day.

Actually, I believe that I posted that I would have liked the Cats to sign Sutton as well.

I think the biggest part of this story is the unspoken implication that Ted Laurent is likely ready to return from injury. That would be pretty much the only way we’d be able to use an American RB.

Wonder why we got him and not green. Probably cheaper

At least the Wilder prediction didn’t come true. That guy might have derailed the whole locker room. ???

Avon Colborne was 32 when he joined Hamilton. He lasted 3 years

Can’t hurt. He can also catch which hopefully reduces wear and tear on Addison.

I’d prefer to think that his notions have no influence on me, if you don’t mind, bobo :o ;D

would be nice to have a updated injury report on Irons, Erlington, Marshall.

Love to have any of these guys back

It will be interesting to see how fast the team can get him up to speed on the playbook and into the lineup . It’s only Monday and we don’t play until Saturday . He hasn’t played for awhile now so hopefully he has kept himself in shape and game ready and will be good to go against the Stamps this weekend . If not hopefully we see him in Edmonton on the back half of our Alberta swing the following week .

Great signing!!


Understood and duly noted my Count . ;D


You know what they say…

Great minds think alike !!! ::slight_smile: ;D

…And that’s kinda scary kiddies !!! :o :o :wink:

The Ticats also signed receiver Justin Thomas, defensive backJohnny Robinson and defensive tackleSheriden Lawley to the practice roster.
Practise roster expansion
Not sure who any of these other guys are. Kind of surprised they signed another defensive lineman. I thought we were pretty well stacked on the d-line with plenty of backups.

I’ve always liked how Sutton carried the ball. Hard runner, north-west style but with good mobility. Hopefully he’s got something left at 32, which is sadly an advanced age for a running back.

LOL, Ticats Insurance indeed! 8)

I had no idea that the Ticats management got their strategy from Gerbear.

In Condell’s offence, Sutton will have to be a good blocker.

I agree 100 %. Sutton runs angry and downhill. Good depth player.

Good move expanding our insurance coverage!

Lol. Scarier than the plasma sucking monkeys from Mississauga!! 8)