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Good riddance to Glieberman, Als' Smith says

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Good riddance to Glieberman, Als' Smith says

The Gazette

Saturday, March 25, 2006

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For the good of the CFL, Alouettes president and CEO Larry Smith is happy the league is rid of Ottawa Renegades owner Bernie Glieberman.

"Honestly, my call was to get rid of those people who pretended to be owners," Smith said. "They had too many people, they had people who didn't have enough money to do it and they were underfinanced. They started off well, but then they started to run it like a lacrosse team. With all respect, it's not the same thing. The Gliebermans, unfortunately, were the culmination of it."

Glieberman, in his second stint as owner of the Ottawa franchise, and minority owner Bill Smith had the deed to the team revoked by the league this week, which set a deadline of next month to find a buyer. If none is found, the team will be run by the league or folded.

Smith said everyone tried to help Glieberman. "Unfortunately, Bernie didn't listen. He was asked to come here three times, so we would show him everything we've done. We've built a damn good franchise here. But there was always some excuse."

Smith said woeful ownership has been chronic in Ottawa and the city hasn't had a good football team for 25 years. "You have to have three things: an owner, a manager and a football team. And you have to be at least 9-9, not 6-12 or 4-14. We've got a great league, a great product. We need one more club, but let's get Ottawa fixed before we worry about that."

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