Gaylor fined for comments about refs

The Canadian Football League announced today that it has fined Edmonton Eskimos Trevor Gaylor for making disparaging public comments towards CFL officiating. Consistent with CFL policy, the amount of this fine was not disclosed.
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All right... lets hear the jokes... :lol:


what exactly did he say? and why do i think a fine is headed DJ Flick's way :s

I wouldn't pay the fine if I was Trevor Gaylor.The last time I checked people had the right to free speech in Canada and just because the CFL doesn't like players and coaches pointing out that the officals are doing a losey job doesn't give thwem the right to try and take it away.

Isnt there free speech in the US as well... Athletes always get fines, as do coaches. :roll:

Walk into a meeting where your boss is giving a client a sales pitch, call him an a$$hole, and tell me how long you keep your job.

For that matter, walk into an airport, yell "hijack!" and see how long it takes before you're in jail.

And hell, while we're on a roll here, start insulting everybody on this forum and let me know how long it takes until you get banned.

"Free speech" actually means "you can criticize the government and not get executed." It doesn't mean you can say anything to anyone without being accountable for your words.


When did I say that people aren't accountable for what they say? The point I'm trying to make here is that instead of levying dumb fines maybe the CFL brass should pull there heads out of there asses and actually do something about the crappy job the refs are doing.

The NHL has huge fines for coachs, players, GMs, publicly critisizing the officials. I beleive the NFL does as well.

Sniff those refs were mean to my riders! Wow not bad what 6 posts crying about the refs I am impressed. The fact that anyone in the CFL craps on the refs have been fined. Do you watch football?

Every league would fine you if you are out spoken.

And the NBA dishes out HUGE fines as well.

So what did he say that got him fined?