Gaydosh & Urban

Looks like Gaydosh will be staying with the Panthers for another spring.

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With Brent Urban drawing NFL interest, looks like the ticats won't be seeing their first two 2013 picks soon.

Well that looks like one gamble (Gaydosh) that Austin lost - at least for now. If we do get him back after a year or two, he should be ready to play.

The Cats currently have 6 Canadian D-Linemen under contract for 2014,lots of depth and youth,sure it would be nice to have one or both of these guys here,but right now Cdn D-Linemen is not one of our priorities.IMO Gaydosh and Urban will most likely eventually become Ti-Cats,maybe even next year,who knows,but right now the team can wait on both of them.I've said before that for next year the Cats need Cdn upgrading at the receiver,fullback/te and backup depth at the safety position.

CAN D-LINEMEN DEPTH Signed for 2014


Cats draft pick Brent Urban DE Virginia is ranked #302 by CBSSports and #23 rank as a DE. He'll be a 7th round pick or a free agent signing in the NFL. He missed 4 games this year on a bad Virginia team. I'll be watching him in the Senior Bowl to see how much playing time he gets and how effective he is against the top NCAA players. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Wow!!!!! Interesting,#23rd ranked,I had no idea that he was ranked that high,considering how many NCAA teams there are that is impressive to say the least.Interesting as well that despite missing 4 games and playing on a bad team,that he would be chosen to play in the Senior Bowl. Hopefully he'll find success in the NFL and if not hopefully we see him in a Ti-Cat uniform in the not to distant future. :cowboy:

The thing about these Dlineman now is that the NFL need so many of them with the extreme rotations so for guys like Gaydosh he can either end up on a practice roster and end up in the line up roatating like Lumbala did with the Packers this year.
The other thing is that the NFL eats these guys up the bring them in for a few years PR them and/or rotate them and spit them back out in 3 years and bring in the next round of young late round rookie free agents to do the same at a minimal salary. A few Canadian or US get over the hump and become all pros and make the bucks and stick around for nice careers.
SO there is a good chance that they will be back with there CFL team in there prime with loads of experience.
Gaydosh out of all of the top lineman picked in the CFL draft was the one who did not get NFL interest ahead of the draft.
A week later he goes to a rookie mini camp and he is the only one signed.

From an Oline standpoint you can't teach huge. SO the NFL with PR spots available will sign thes CIS huge Olineman just began to start on a larger scale and so far most of them are back within two or three years and are playing outstanding almost right away. O'Donnel in Edmonton in his first full season was thier top lineman and Homes in Toronto only took a few weeks before he was plugged into the starting LG spot.
Guys like plesius and Fabian found that if the NFL is not interested now that another year in the CIS will not suddenly change their mind. A move most players will no longer make. For Plesius how many years of college do you need so that education thing for him was a farce.
Fabien the same. The CFL is set up very well to play a full Season starting with Training camp in june and season ending in November sets up players to go to school for the winter semester very good scheduling.
I beleive Brett Jones who did come out and was rookie of the year starting at center for Calagary and is now in school full time for the winter semester.

Well said cflsteve. Andy Malumba DE/LB out of Eastern Michigan and the Blue Bombers #1 pick had a breakout year with the Packers. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)