Gaydosh signs contract with Panthers

Drew Edwards has tweeted Gaydosh has bin signed by the Carolina Panthers and will not be at training camp with the ticats

"Austin botched the draft, he doesnt know what he’s doing" in 5…4…3…

Well, that's that. The CFL really needs to do something about this, I'd like them see a requirement to declare CFL draft eligibility which signals a player will not be pursuing NFL offers for at least two years upon doing so. At the power to Gaydosh, I mean if he sticks with the Panther's he'll be making more money in a much warmer climate. Just sucks for us, and might end up having us wait a couple years to get him back up here.

Might be time to go back to the old draft strategy......take the highest ranked player a team has on it's want list, instead of drafting a player they "think" might be available for training camp. It seems that many of the top-ranked players are getting NFL try-outs nowadays. Can't blame the Ticats for the Gaydosh draft pick....there had been no NFL interest prior to the CFL draft.

Such a requirement would be unenforceable. No court would force a declared player to stay in Canada, and talent-hungry clubs would still scoop up top-ranked players who refused to declare. Even if the clubs were united in boycotting undeclared players, excluding all of those players from the league would diminish the pool of available Canadian talent and hurt the league in the long run.

It does suck, though.

On a positive note, Canadian football players are getting better all the time if the NFL wants them. :thup:

Best of luck to the young man.

So now people are complaining that players coming out of Canada are too good for the CFL! :roll:

Isn't that a nice change

Instead of getting all tense imagining what other people are going to say, just go with it. Healthier.

Yeah.... according to a couple winners we need to reduce Canadian content.

Worrying about and pointing out mistakes on other teams msg. boards can't be healthy either.

Gaydosh did not receive a signing bonus from the Panthers, so they are not that high on him.

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[i][b]How long Gaydosh will be unavailable to the Ticats is unclear. The NFL expanded its training camp rosters to 90 last season, opening up more opportunities for free-agent signings. Gaydosh did not, however, receive a signing bonus — seen as a key indicator of an NFL team's long-term interest.

Gaydosh wasn't the only potential Ticat in an NFL camp this weekend. Linebacker Frédéric Plesius, the No. 10 pick in the 2012 draft, attended a rookie camp with the New York Giants[/b][/i]

Let's wish them all the best to make the most money they can while they can in a very precarious sport for the body like gridiron. Bottom line another sign our Canadian talent is better, those that play in NFL or CFL after their college stints.

well the NFL roster size being increased from 80 to 90 the past year does not help matters either.
and only 51 of the highest-paid players count toward the salary cap, thus no risk for NFL teams to stockpile talent.

It would not be a surprise if the league increased the limit to an even 100 count in the coming years, while further pillaging CFL draft picks into the second round or lower.

The CFL and/or CFLPA need to work together on a viable solution for retention as the Canadian Draft system is quickly losing credibility (as well as players)

Yes maybe it’s time for those who declare elegibility for the draft, they would not be able to sign with a No Funner team for a minimum of two years.

They just won't declare, try their luck and if they fail would be Free agents. They would actually benefit. The only way something like that would work is to set a maximum salary for the first two years in the CFL. Your talking really completely throwing out the current CBA and coming up with something completely new.

I think the league should just eliminate the draft entirely and set a scale with a maximum for rookies. End of problems and the vets who run the union could be made to embrace that if the right carrots in regards to SMS and recognition for loyal years of service is part of the new deal. This way players who make 45k a year could choose to sign with whatever teams that suit their lifestyle and other endeavors the best, even take into account where they feel they have the best chance of starting. Basically give them freedom of choice but no matter where they go the salary would be the same so this avoids bidding wars and guys relocating after two years because they didn't like who drafted them. So you take a guy who goes to the NFL for two years puddling along on the practice roster, when he decides to come to the CFL its 46k, while the guy who signed out of school is now in his third year and can negotiate at any salary. So there would be no financial gain unless he actually made an NFL squad. Something they would have to think about. Right now there is nothing to think about.

Leaving no players left to draft, as no players would agree to that. Every player coming out of the CIS would end being undrafted, and there would be a free-for-all on all the resulting free agents.

There has to be a solution, but I don't think that's it. Maybe two-tier draft, NFL candidates and non-NFL candidates?

Do we really need a draft ? Do we really need to uproot a bunch of young guys for 46 000.00 a year ? Or do we just need to make the market place fair by regulating what a player entering the league makes.

I've been saying that the draft is archaic for a long time.

Drafts were introduced in pro sports decades ago to take free agency away from rookies. It's basically anti trust.

Scrap the draft and no need to cap rookie salaries. We have a supposed salary cap. Whether you're a rookie or a 20 year vet, you all have to fit into the budget.

Problem with that is because salaries aren't guaranteed you have to protect these guys from the couple dirt bags in the league that will offer them money they have no intention of paying to get first looks or derail another team's camp. Both would work but the better you frame the process up front the less loop holes your going to end up with.

The draft, combine and all the efforts the league has put into the recruiting of Canadians is actually working against them as it's made it easier for NFL teams to get information on them. I think the league should kaibosh the whole thing and come up with a new framework.