Gaydosh Out For Season - Likely

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 17 minutes ago
#Ticats DT @LindenGaydosh has suffered an Achilles injury and will likely miss the entire 2015 #CFL season, sources say.

Horrible injury! very unfortunate, god speed to Linden

From Drew Edwards

[b]"Ticats defensive tackle Linden Gaydosh has suffered an Achilles injury and is expected to miss the entire 2015 CFL season.

The 24-year-old was injured this week during a training session at his off-season home in Calgary.

A former first overall pick in the 2013 CFL Draft, Gaydosh signed with the Ticats mid-way through last season after recovering from a serious back injury suffered during a stint with the NFL's Carolina Panthers. He played in 11 games for Hamilton, registering eight tackles.

While losing Gaydosh would be a significant blow to the team's Canadian, the Ticats are well-stocked at the defensive tackle position with Ted Laurent, the Most Outstanding Canadian in the East Division last season, veteran Brian Bulcke and a number of young national players.

Gaydosh is entering the final year of his contract and will be a free agent by the time his Achilles is fully healed, which usually takes anywhere from eight to 12 months."[/b]

Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
Have seen two other torn Achilles while on #Ticats beat: DB Bo Smith & RB Martell Mallett. Both played again. Hope @LindenGaydosh can too.

Wow ! Very unfortunate for the young man,the only positive thing about it is that we are knee deep in Canadian tackles,but nonetheless you cringe when you hear about an injury as serious as an torn achilles. Get well soon Lynden you will be missed :cry:
Drew Edwards report:

And now Spencer Watt with the same injury. :expressionless: WTF!

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BREAKING: #Ticats WR @swatt89 has a torn Achilles and will miss the 2015 #CFL season. #CFL

Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
So, to recap, the #Ticats have lost two valuable Canadian depth players to torn Achilles. Wow.

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The loss of @swatt89 might actually be more damaging than Gaydosh: #Ticats have way more depth at Canadian DT than WR. #CFL

Terrible news for the Cats, and also for the league. No one is well-served by two good national players missing the entire season.

Ratio just took a major hit.

Now the only real "guaranteed" NI starters are Dyakowski & Filer at Oline. Fantuz at SB. Laurent @ DT. Stephen @ Field CB. Butler @ Safety. That's only 6.

Unless they can get something else in the way of a vet NI receiver or start a pure rookie if they can draft one ...

... Tim O'Neill at RG Ladies & Gents!

Quality "Nationals" certainly aren't easy to replace. Because of the difference in roster depth at their positions, the loss of Watt, I'd say is a much bigger, if not huge, issue for the team. I certainly feel for both players and wonder if they are covered somehow financially. Having been Injured outside of a team activity, I would think they'd fall into the disabled, rather than injured, roster category. Are their contracts guaranteed in the same way they would be if they were injured in a game or practice? I wouldn't think so. Perhaps there is some sort of insurance coverage that kicks in such circumstances. I don't know, but would like to.

With Gaydosh out the cats signed a former NFL DE Adrian Robinson out of Temple. He is just 25 and while he bounced around the NFL for 3 seasons he did play in a lot of games. The roster has him listed as a National is that a mistake or is he one of the new unknown National players. his bio has him born, raised, and playing in Harrisburg.

Also what is Hazime status, injured last year but his rookie year he played very well and was one of the first players Austin Acquired via a trade.

Evan Gill??? what is his story.

Finally, last season Atkinson finally got off the 9/6 game IRs and played in 8 games. Was he injured, developing, or a combo of both. I ask about him because Austin has kept him around and Austin does not keep guys around too long unless he thinks they have something.

It is a big blow that Gaydosh will be out for the season entering his 3rd pro season and first full with Hamilton he will have been out for seasons one in the NFL and now this. Inbetween he looked like he was ready to make a big leap after joining the Cats mid season after NFL cut downs.
If a couple of these other guys are for real and/or healthy that could take the sting out a bit

Good eye, Steve, catching the "National" listing on the roster. However, the media release, announcing Robinson's signing, shows him as an International so I think the best guess is that the roster listing is incorrect.

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Wtf. Gaydosh too? I really have to visit this MB more often

Gaydosh out really hurts, he was a beast out there last half of season.

Having Laurent Gaydosh Bulcke on a rotation would have been impossible to run on. :cry:

And now Evan Gill fails physical for Giants minicamp

Darrin Bauming @DarrinBauming · 17h 17 hours ago
Report out that @umbisons product and #Ticats 2014 1st-round draft pick DL Evan Gill has failed his physical prior to NY Giants mini-camp.

And now Evan Gill fails physical for Giants minicamp

Darrin Bauming @DarrinBauming · 17h 17 hours ago
Report out that @umbisons product and #Ticats 2014 1st-round draft pick DL Evan Gill has failed his physical prior to NY Giants mini-camp.

Austin doesn't sound impressed

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 5m5 minutes ago
#Ticats Kent Austin on DT @evangill5 going to Giants mini-camp where he failed his physical" "It was a surprise he was even down there."

Wouldn't be surprised to see the Ticats trade Gill's rights at the draft Tuesday night.