Gaydosh & Hickman

As I’ve seen the question appear here in other threads as well as on other blogs, I thought it’d be good to put the current info regarding these two players here.

Linden Gaydosh

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On August 2, 2013, Gaydosh was waived/injured by the Carolina Panthers. On August 3, 2013, Gaydosh cleared waivers and was placed on the injured reserve list.

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Now, Linden can stick on the IR for the length of his injury rehablitation or be offered and/or negotiate an “injury” settlement with Carolina which would grant him his outright release in which he can try out elsewhere in the NFL. Hamilton retains his rights in the CFL. (You can’t cut a player who’s injured)

Same is for Justin Hickman.

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He is currently being waived/injured. Once he clears waivers, he’ll be placed upon the Colts’ IR. (Once again, You can’t cut a player who’s injured) Same thing for Justin as noted above. He can stick on the Colts IR if they want him. Otherwise, its “injury” settlement and his outright release and he can test the FA market both in the NFL and here in the CFL as no one retains his rights.

[i]Long way of saying … I doubt you’ll see either here anytime soon … regardless of the extent of their injuries.[/i]

Thanks for the update. Best wishes to both players. :thup: :thup: