Gay pride stuff

In the persona of Ben Shapiro, can someone please explain to me what this is all about?

Don't need name calling, etc. I just don't get it. Why the need to have special uniforms in sports leagues for this?

Would like to engage in a respectful dialogue about this

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I understand the question but IMO it is pure trolling ... if the poster truly doesn't "get it" the likelihood of an explanation satisfying them is slim ... but the more likely result of such a question is a discussion that descends into <> that gets the thread closed.


Something about white straight men being bad and needing a month to let us know that.

Oh and like St. Patrick's day, another excuse to drink alot of alcohol.

From what I gather anyway.

I have to throw this out there
It is freaking difficult to have a legit conversation (or even acceptance) as we see some batshit crazy stuff

True story
Took kids to Museum over the weekend
They had a big sign + bowl containing feminine products inside the mens washroom
Says something about how "to be fair and inclusive we are providing supplies for men who menstruate"

This is why I feel the entire LGBT thing has jumped the shark
Men do not menstruate lol
I do not care how woke you pretend to be

Another example is the conservative news sources are having heart attacks as pics and videos are being circulated online of very young kids (as in minors, 10 to 14 year old I would guess) going to trans strip clubs and giving dollar bills away

I would NEVER take my kid to a naked straight club (or a parade with half naked people) so WHY do people think it is somehow ok to take their kids to a trans event?

Its just bizzarro land and the lack or morals is appalling

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Yup, you called it.