Gavins Walls is an Allouette

What do you guys know about Stan Van Sichem? Apparently he's part of a trade with the Bombers for Gavin Walls.

Als drafted him last year with the intent to make our specialf teams bigger. He had a great camp but got hurt. He's very raw. He immigrated to Canada to play college hockey and ended up paying football. He is a project a very nice one.

While I am surprised/not surprised by this trade, I definitely think that we gain by this trade; we receive a 2005 CFL all-star and a 2005,2006 and 2008 Eastern all-star; our gain is Winnipeg loss. Let's hope that each team is satisfied

Why surprised? Because we have many import DE,namely:John Bowman,Jermaine McElveen-DT ?-Darrell Robinson-rookie- and Anwar Stewart. Not surprised? Stan van sichem was let go as a non-import De, because we have many on our roster,namely:Ivan Brown,Shawn Mayne,Chris Parris and Neil Puffer-rookies-and Jeff Robershaw; furthermore, if Nickolas Morin-Soucy-2nd round choice in 2009- is OK following surgery -re injured in last 2009 pre-season game-we have more than we need. Stan was mainly "tried" as LB,since he was too small for DE; he was on the 9 game injury list +final+Grey Cup because of knee surgery.

This trade confirms,at least to me, that Jermaine McElveen will definitely have to make the team as a DT.

While some-mainly Winnipeg fans- say that Gavins is not the same/as good as in 2005 and 2006, I say maybe, but I feel his play will improve with the players with whom he will now play. Let's hope that he will not be off-side too often or receive too many roughing penalties. I know that Stan is very young-23 in April-and could become a good player. Hope so for Winnipeg fans.



Its a gamble similar to the Samuels contract last year. If Walls fully recovers from his ACL surgery he could help Stewart and Bowman stay fresh. We will have to see how he’s healed.

I too looked at this trade and thought, "McElveen must be moving inside." Which is fine with me. He's played inside before.

I have no problem with this trade. Walls will have to make the team in training camp. If he sticks, it'll be because Burke and Sinclair think he can make a contribution. If not, no harm done, really.

I actually really like this trade. I like the way Walls hustles and does whatever he can do to get to the ball. Good trade for the Als in my opinion.

The more I think about this trade, the more I like it. We gave up a NI, who will most likely never be a starter in the CFL for a former all-star, who will be hellbent on proving he still has gas left in the tank. Walls is 30, not 35 or 40. Provided his knee is healed up, he can still be a game-changer rushing off the edge IMO.

A rotation of Bowman, Stewart, and Walls? Me likey very much.

He is no longer on the Als roster. Did he refused to review his contract? He was due a "bonus" Just temporary? Has to be released before signing a new contract.

Stay tuned!


There's nothing in the transactions section at after his transfer to Montreal to indicate he was released but Gavin Walls is listed as a FA at

According to the Gazette, Gavin Walls has been released:

Not really a surprise. Evidently they couldn't agree on restructuring the contract, so they cut him loose. We may still sign him. Popp won't break SMS management just to accommodate Walls. If he signs here, it'll be at a reasonable price for both parties.

I can see Walls signing with Sask., he has a history with GM Taman, and they need to replace Chick and Baggs.