Gavin Walls Traded to Montreal & Released

Trade winds are blowing, nothing official yet.

Looks like it is to Montreal for stan van sichem (DE NI)? WTH.


February 26, 2010

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have completed a trade with the Montreal Alouettes and have acquired non-import defensive end Stan van Sichem in exchange for import defensive end Gavin Walls.

van Sichem (6-2, 229, Regina ‘08 DOB: April 2, 1987 in Amsterdam, Netherlands) had an outstanding career at the University of Regina, where he became the school's all-time leader in career sacks. He was drafted by the Montreal Alouettes in the 4th round of the 2009 Canadian Draft. van Sichem began the season on the Alouettes’ practice roster before missing Games 9 through 18, the East Division Final and the Grey Cup with a knee injury.

"Stan is a very fast and relentless football player and we look forward to him competing for a spot on our roster," said head coach Paul LaPolice.

......Don't know a heck of a lot about the guy......I watched a clip of him....and he is very fast ....young and an ni.....I would say we got rid of a bonus or it was a salary dump, with regards to Gavin...He still has game ...but has never really looked the same since his acl injury....Welcome aboard Stan... :thup:

Getting a non-import for an import is always a good move in the CFL, expecially if the import is no longer going to start for your team (which Walls was not going to do in Winnipeg). Obie just did that in the Rodriguez trade.

The Canadian kid you aquired can play special teams while he develops. If the Als drafted him, you know he has potential.

Absolutely horrible move imo if the Bombers plan on going with who they currently have on their roster for a replacement. Walls was the best contain end in the league, nobody could run to his side of the field.

I'm sad to see Gavin go...a good team leader, and a good community guy. A little surprised by this trade.

Is this a salary dump? Otherwise, this one’s weird to me. I always thought Walls was a pretty solid player. Given the dearth of quality DE’s in the league, if you’re moving a good one, you ought to be able to command at least a starter in return, no?

Walls is a question mark. He’s coming off of surgery, making good money, and over the age of 30.

You presently have 2 good young rush ends. So Walls is expendible. But if Mack doesn’t bring in good back-ups, and your starters get injured, it will be a problem. Fred Perry’s health can’t be counted on any more.

Some may disagree with me, but i believe Mack pulled off another great move, Walls is 30 and his stats have declined every year since coming to the Bombers. Picking up a 22 year old non import DE for a 30 year old import is a solid move and with the likes of Brown and Perry for leadership and the young guns in Hunt and Willis, our defensive line will be very fast and very scary for every other team ... great move :rockin:

At 6'2" 229, he will not compete with Shaw, Oramasionwu or Brown on the DL.

He is the same size as our NI LB'ers Labbe & Carter.

He won't even make the roster in imo.

I would have sooner taken a 4th round pick from the Als than this kid, who is also coming off major knee surgery.

Didn't know about the surgery to van Schiem. Not good.

Piggy is right on this one IMO... Walls is way to good at contain, and still put up 9-12 sacks a season

remeber after walls went down, how QB's were running roughshod over us?

terrible move

Jumping the gun way to quick here guys, Hunt and Willis are young and both showed that they can stop the run and get to the QB, Brown is a wall we all know, this new kid will be on the team but not on the line, rumour is he will be trying out as a DB or LB, stay positive my friends as i think this kid will be pretty good in the secondary and Mack is not finished yet, he will find a suitable replacement for G.Walls soon, just have some patience.

By the way Walls is 30 and is not capable of 9-10 sacks a season anymore, check his career stats, every year his stats decline and that includes sacks, last year was something like 5-6 and Willis and Hunt are both capable of getting into double digits in the sack department, another thing to remember it's NOT alway's about the sacks, if you rush the QB and pressure him you can create knockdowns and interceptions which is just as good as a sack, actually an INT is better than a sack. I like Gavin as a person and i thank him for his time here and wish him the best, but he did not rush the QB last season enough, therefore not creating sacks (loss of yardage) or INT'S.

No offense 123 but Walls is NOT capable of 9-10 sacks anymore and has slowed down considerably, also when Walls went down and with Perry down Willis and Hunt picked up the slack just fine, saying the QBS ran roughshod over us is a little overreacting my friend.

Gavin Walls was definately capable of getting 9-10 sacks and still is. he also did it while containing the other Teams QB's and Runningbacks... To suggest otherwise just shows me you are drinking way to much B&G kool-aid

You dont remeber Lulay running all over us after Gavin went down?

He had 9 sacks in 08 and had 5 sacks and 24 tackles in twelve games... whos to say if he stayed healthy for the next 6 that he wouldnt have gotten 4 more? and sacks arnt everything my friend

Coach Harris has his work cut out for him this season in teaching some good contain work now

Did someone from the Bombers really say they'd let Van Sichem play DB, or is that board speculation? Leaving aside for a moment the facts that he's never played there, teams generally don't even have LB's that run 230 pounds - maybe one in the middle, but that's it. He's quick for a lineman, but you'd be asking alot for him to move back to the secondary, I would think.

I’ve been told that there is some speculation that this swap of players has something to do with the Santos trade from last season - finishing off the deal sort of like how we got Armstrong from Calgary to complete the Bryant/Franklin-Arthur/Willis/Ryan trade.

....that could possibly be....finishing off the trade started by Kelly and Murphy.....both were/are on the limp....only we have a younger less experienced guy now on the Bombers roster while the ALS. get an import aging player????saw-off right now....but we look better for the future.... :roll:

30 years old.. we have hunt ortiz and willis... not a bad move. probably a salary dump if anything. again close to the cap and a guy who kelly resigned to a new deal when he was vp/gm. who knows how much coin he was making, looking more and more like kelly crippled this team salary cap wise but then again, 30 yr old off knee surgery for a young canadian kid, not a bad move. defensive ends are easy to replace. I NAMED 3 above.

Good community guy tho but it sounds like alot of people feel the name on the back of the jersey is more important than the jersey itself. Was gavin good? yes. Was he an all star? sure was, is his position one of the easiest ones to replace? u bet. do we have guys who can step in immediately? YUP.

not a big loss imo but at the same time, its a loss that will probably upset the random fan because well, GAVIN WALLS. if this was jon oosterhuis noone would care but because his name is gavin walls and he had a couple good years 2 3 years ago.. people will cry.