Gavin Walls to NFL?

Its a rumour thats on the bomber forums (on the bomber site).

I sure as hell hope its not true.

Its suppost to be announced this week..

well he has wanted the NFL for few years so if he has the chance he will go.

...... i think his play has dropped off considerably...if he performs like he has recently for the BigBlue...i don't see him catching on down south...IF he's been saving himself for his....'big dream', in the nfl ,i say he wasn't giving a 100% for the team and was short-changing the Bombers...and that equals ...adios Gavin...i won't miss him.. :?...Taman was going to trade him last year for i think Walls days as a Bomber are numbered in any event....just my take :expressionless:too bad all players don't have Milts ethics and loyalty..

Gavin worked out for a few NFL teams before he signed his current deal with the Bombers nobody was interested he’s a little too small for the NFL.