Gavin Walls ends up signing(merged)

Along with Picket and Seagraves

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MONTREAL -- Montreal Alouettes' Vice President and General Manager Jim Popp announced today that import defensive end Gavin Walls and import tackle Skip Seagraves have signed for one year and an option after both were recently released by the club. Import quarterback Cody Pickett has also signed for two years plus an option.

Pickett joins the Alouettes after three seasons with the Argonauts. He shared the Argos' starting quarterback duties with Kerry Joseph in 2009, starting seven of 18 games and recording 1,553 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions on 145 completions. Drafted in 2004 by the San Francisco 49ers, he has also played with the Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders and the NFLE Rhein Fire.

"We are excited to add Cody to our mix of quarterbacks," Popp said. "He brings playing experience, knowledge of the CFL game, and we think the ability to thrive in our system."

A five-year CFL veteran, Walls was acquired from the Blue Bombers on Feb. 26. A three-time divisional All-Star, he was also a 2005 CFL All-Star and was named the league's Most Outstanding Rookie that year.

"We are excited about adding Gavin to our mix of pass rushers - we feel he can give us a rotation of relentless pressure. We did these negotiations right," Popp said. "We took our time and came to an agreement that benefits both parties."

Seagraves has started 18 games at tackle since joining the Alouettes' in 2006, after five seasons with the North Carolina Tar Heels. He has also been involved in the Alouettes' community programs for the last two years.

"Skip brings exactly what we look for in a player both on and off the field. He is the ultimate team player and a first class human being," said Popp.

Interesting to see Skip back with the team. As an import, I figured his days were numbered with all the quality NI O-line talent we have waiting in the wings.

Glad to see Popp and Walls were able to reach an accommodation.

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The more I think about this signing, the more I like the possibility of rotating Gavin and Anwar to keep the 'old man' fresh from down to down. :wink: Anwar is a great player, and a future Hall of Famer once he retires, but he does sometimes have trouble containing mobile QBs once they escape the pocket. I think he'll have more gas in his tank if we can spell him with Gavin. And certainly, if either Bowman or Stewart gets injured, it will be nice to have a former All-Star drawing in as a replacement. :rockin:

People will have to be patient as Walls is coming off a serious injury. I think if he can make a contribution down the stretch it will be a successful return for him.

Reminds me of Tim Cheatwood,in 2007; all-star with Hamilton,but was injured-knee- in 2006 and was released in off-season and signed by the Als; he was 29 and never played for the Als; on 9 game injury list and released in September of that year and signed in Edmonton,where he played a few games.

Will the same happen with Gavin Walls? Presently,I have more "faith" in Darrell Robertson being the "rotating" DE with Anwar Stewart and John Bowman. He is 6 years younger than Gavin.

Mr. Popp is known to take chances; does not always work.


Samuels last year was the same idea as well.

Oh, no doubt. I'm not saying Gavin is a lock to make the team. But IF he sticks through TC and becomes part of that rotation at DE, it could work out very well for us.

Walls is a top notch football player and individual. This could workout really well.