source : milton, fri spec

phillip gauthier will be starting safety, a bit of a suprise considering how well sandy beveridge played last week.
also says karikari will backup at cb.
wonder if charlie is a little down on karikari at safety when he has played there this season?

gauthier will now get his chance to show what he can do, just from his special teams play he appeared to be a big hitter.
it also say bev will still see some playing time too.

i'm looking forward to see what gauthier can bring to the table. what do you all think of this move?

It's worth a try, I guess...

Perhaps RKK is getting a little long in the tooth?

hmmmm not to sure bout this move. worth a shot i guesse

gauthier's coach in laval was chapdelaine, wonder if that's got anything to do with it?
maybe once shaw was released the safety job become up for grabs and it's gauthier's chance.

i still think we should kept scott gordon. but gauthier is kinda like him i guesse we will fin dout saturday

Yay!!!!! I think this will be a very pleasant surprise.

Here you are folks:

That sort of came out of left field when I first heard it. But I hope he does well back there!

  • paul

I think this is kind of an insult to Beveridge. He played a great game last week and has earned the right to start.

Beveridge makes foolish mistakes, takes penalties at inopportune times, this might teach him a lesson.

I was shocked when Gauthier wasn't given a better chance to be the starting safety in training camp. He has great hustle. Looking forward to seeing him start.

Beveridge played ok against Winnipeg, but Glenn was still able to complete some balls with him in there, and he did take at least one stupid early hit call on Stegall.

I don't get Karikari. How can you go from an all-star safety to one that loses his starting job? It makes me wonder if #12 really wants to be in Hamilton.

Well, if Gauthier works out to be a good starter then the Adriano Belli trade has really worked out for us. For those that don't remember we traded Belli to Mont. last year for Clinton Wayne (who has full solidified a DT spot) and Gauthier.

The interesting thing is that this is one of very few recent trades that has worked out well for us in the end and it wasn't done with Marcel as GM.

if gauth's hustle on special teams is any indication good things could be ahead.

watch Gauthier & Beverage to rotate in & out of the postion for the rest of the season unless either one of them or someone else out plays them.

I love how people get worked up over who is starting. Maybe Sandy is a little banged up?

my guess is they will alternate in and out. i wonder how richard is feelin about this

I wish Philip well! Hope he has a great game!

The auditions continue. I think Sandy's role is pretty safe in a SMS sense. RKK must step it up or he may be the next one out.

Oski Wee Wee,

Sandy had a great game last week.
Having watched Phillip play since he's been here, he certainly shows a lot of hustle and is pretty physical. The competition at safety is really good with these two young guns. Both can hit....bigtime. :cowboy:

bring back cheatwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been a Gauthier fan since he arrived in Hamilton. He brings it on ST and got into it with some Argos in his first or second game as a Cat last year. I'm hoping he does great tomorrow night!!