Gauthier and Young?

Just looking at the roster and Phillip Gauthier and Sam Young are not listed. Have they been released?

Bump this Post......does anybody know?.
I really like Gauthier's kamikaze style in his limited playing time last year

I was never really a fan of Young, but it would be disappointing to hear that Gauthier isn't trying out. Didn't he just sign a new deal with Hamilton? Anyone see him at training camp? I haven't been to Mac at all.

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Bump - I forgot to look for Gauthier and Young today at practice, I focused on the offense. Anybody have answers?


I didn't see Young for sure,I don't think Gauthier was there either, but I could be wrong.

Gauthier is at camp-not practicing due to an injury

According to the Spec today, Gauthier had an emergency appendectomy in April and is expected to begin practising next week.

Young remains a mystery, but with the acquisition of Karikari, he would be a long shot to make the team.