Gauthier a Ticat?

FREE AGENT WATCH: The chances of Alexandre Gauthier returning to the Blue and Gold don't look good.

The offensive lineman, whose contract expires Sunday at 11 p.m., said yesterday from Conklin, Alta., that the Bombers offered him the contract he wanted -- but it was a little too late for his liking.

"I gave them three weeks to give me what I wanted," Gauthier said. "After that I said, 'No, I'm going to wait.' Yes, they offered me what I wanted after, but I told them it's too late.

"I don't feel bad at all with what I'm doing. I'll be waiting for free agency."

Kelly sounded a bit perturbed when asked if Gauthier's story was how things actually went down.

"Well, I'm sorry we're not on his timetable," Kelly said sarcastically. "Darn!"
Found this in the Winnipeg Sun today.

Seriously, though, Kelly claimed the Bombers did everything they could to re-sign the left tackle before Sunday's deadline.

"We discussed with him several different ways that we could structure," Kelly said. "We always kept in mind the dollar figure that he felt was important for him to reach. After providing him with several different ways to reach that number, we offered him basically what he was looking for.

"It was still prior to free agency, so I'm sorry that we didn't meet his deadline. Here we go with the tail wagging the dog again."

Gauthier did his own negotiating with the Bombers, but he is now represented by Gil Scott. The latest rumours suggest Gauthier will sign with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Kelly seems like he is doing a good job alienating players.....nice!

8) We just may end up with a pretty decent OL this year if rumours come true regarding Murphy and Gauthier signing with the Cats !!!! :D

I'd love to have Gauthier on our line.

Murphy may be a fine player, but I am not a fan of his antics.

We may have one of the best if not the best in the CFL if we end up with Murphy and Gauthier. Just think of our O-line with them...

LT - Rob Murphy
LG - Cedric Gagne-Marcoux
C - Marwan Hage
RG - George Hudson
RT - Alexandre Gauthier

Now tell me that doesn't sound like a top O-Line in the CFL!

An article in the Toronto Sun this morning suggested many believe "Gauthier is a slam dunk to sign with the Argo's." Same article said the Blue were also pursuing Rob Murphy.

[url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]

link to the article re the Boatmen and Oline free agents

8) So in reality, we may be lucky enough to get one of these 2 guys, or neither one of them !!!! :roll:


Just because someone is a free agent, or wants to play in the East, doesn't automatically mean they will be signing in Hamilton. Depends on how much they want, how much we are willing to pay, how much budget we have available overall, how much we want to devote to strengthening other areas, and other factors. It's never a slam dunk for us, nor for any other team.

Well, an upgraded line anyway. Too many returnees from a line that gave up a league high 67 sacks in 2008.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Hudson and Hage are overrated. A lot of sacks came from right up the middle last year. Maybe Gibson's coahing will improve their performances in 2009.

....I recall Gauthier missing a few assignments leaving Glenn at the mercy of a few sack-masters in 08....I think over-rated could apply here....He is a canuck though and pretty sound most of the time...not all-star material for sure....just my opinion.. :expressionless:

8) But the big rumour last week was that Rob Murphy would be in Hamilton on Feb. 16 to announce his signing with the Cats !!
 If that turns out to be true, then obviously some under the table negotioiations  took place well before  the free agency date  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 We shall see come Monday if this bears any fruit  !!!!

Im pretty sure Obie was given permission to speak with Murphy and in turn BC was given permission to speak with Printers.

Nice to get Murphy but don't be surprised if he doesn't resign with the Lions he has done this in the past. :roll:

Gauthier and Murphy would be a force on our OLine.

This article in today's Winnipeg Free Press states that Alexandre Gauthier has reportedly already signed with either Hamilton or Toronto:

[url=] ... 32642.html[/url]

That's BS. Tell that to Woodard, Cavka and now Thomas (Amen). Hudson has been hurt and may well be on his way to retirement in the near future, but anyone who says Hage is over-rated certainly hasn't been watching. I love people who come on here and slag the guys who are among the most hard-working and talented players we have. When you've got a patch-work O-line due to injury (Gagne-Marcoux) and OT's that are just terrible, how do you expect to have any success??

[url=] ... 42407.html[/url]

Next Steeltown announcement: Rob Murphy in black and gold.

Eat it twice, Argos.

So there's still a chance he doesn't sign here.... call me when it's official