Gateway Casino gets 200 million LEEF loan from government

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If the Government could create big revenue off the CFL, I'm sure it could get a 200 milion loan too


The CFL did generate revenue for the Province though each individual provincial sport betting line like Proline. The Provinces made millions throughout the years.
Each Provinces could've came through for the CFL by giving the league a few million to operate in 2020. It would've been enough. But it didn't. The Provinces take but don't give back

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Uh, well, we do have a former president amongst others who can answer that question, but that would lead to off-topic again. :sweat_smile:


Okay now, I'm going to draw the line and disagree with you here, but that's great lobbying for the industry we've all heard before wherever there is an ample gaming industry.

Just no that's only part of the picture as you present, but to go on further well, that would be off topic.

I present the reality because I work within the Ontario Gaming Industry. Gateway in my co-employer.

Ah indeed, but folks who believe in private profits yet only socialized losses, or even worse private profits that are magically 100% insular with absolutely zero negative social consequences of their making and then profess charity makes up for any such concerns (even the brutal authoritarian dictators, biker gangs, drug kingpins, organized crime, et cetera give to charity mind you), well these folks abound and many are called lobbyists but that's another thread.

You present your perspective well. To call that "reality" is a bit much, but we'll have to differ there. I have this discussion with many folks in other industries when a certain view goes well beyond reality and is a matter of difference of perspective or opinion not reality.

I have seen the daily drops the House has made. I even sat on a pile of a million dollars in the vault verifying the count

Oh I would not argue financials with you and that's not where I differ. I do not agree with two of your conclusions derived from your experience as noted.

And essentially others have shared similar views about this sweetheart deal for one business yet many others are left behind or in the lurch.

We have seen much of the same down here in the US and having lived in Las Vegas, Florida, and now back again in Pennsylvania, these sorts of arrangements and privileges for casinos are old hat much of my adult life, for better or for worse to be argued, but clearly some businesses are more equal than others with taxpayer money and all that jazz or nonsense.

On a related note, I just read the great back-and-forth with you and with Sully in the legalized betting thread. Apparently there is now a daily limit on likes here too, so I could not get through liking all the fine discussion with so many great points, but I am going back to that one again later this week along with some others after being away for 2 weeks.

What I really overlooked, and for sake of a post that went off in fine spirits yet then went on and on apparently farther off the rails than Ozzy's Crazy Train, was the 2021 CFL Blame Game post. :sweat_smile:

I have more catching up to do. :neutral_face: :hushed:

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