Gate Staff, Argo Fans and Slob

My Labour Day Classic experience was amazing. The game was great, I got a picture taken with Bob and the weather could not have been better.

However... 3 things kind of made me go hmmmm???

  1. I told my girlfriend that she could bring a bottle of water into the game as long as the cap was still sealed. When we got to the gate she opened her bag to reveal the contents and the 14ish year old girl at the gate said "NO food or drinks". I questioned the fact that bottle water that was still sealed is allowed... at least to my understanding. No dice. So we dumped it... but wasn't really impressed.

  2. Sat next to some Argo fans. One guy was pretty cool... obviously we had differing opinions about the game but whatever. The issue was his buddies. Every single play should have been a ticats penalty, the refs were against Toronto and was being "thrown" by them. The Arland Bruce costume gag... "shouldn't have been a penalty. That's not taunting". Are you serious?!?!?! LOL

  3. The worst of them all...

Some slobbish, unshaven and probably un-bathed fan sitting in front of us. He was in section 8, row 36, seat 16, 17 or 18. Anyways... you know who you are. Who are you to feel that you are too good to remove your hat during the national anthem?!?! Show some GD respect! For yourself and your country!

Okay... but other than that EVERYTHING was awesome!


ps - Taffee needs to go and Printers needs to STAY!

Man, Section 8 fans, usually the model of civility and understated elegance, are sure taking a beating this week. Must be all those section 7 types fleeing the price increases that are giving us a bad reputation. :wink: