Gate looks up again this year !

Considering BC Place is closed for renovations these numbers are amazing.

2009 PS attendance: 184 990
2010 PS attendance: 200 811


I think the correct 2009 PS attendance was 194,990. Still 2010 is ahead by comparison. I think 2010 will be a banner year for the CFL attendance.

Pretty sure he just added up the attendance figures for the last two seasons. If you want a link, check the schedule page. :wink:

Edit: And Maritimes is correct: It's actually 194,000, not 184,000.

I just figured out he was talking about Pre Season attendance.

Hey, its saturday, give me a break. Also, derp hurrr

Oh man I'm starting to count like those Riders :oops:

Don't worry. We'll cut you some slack. We all know how difficult it is for you to count after you've run out of fingers and toes. :wink: