Gassed out in Guelph.

After speaking to a friend and telling him of my experience at a Tiger-Cat game in Guelph back in July that was certainly a memorable experience but not for the football game or the fact that the Tiger-Cats beat the Bombers he felt sorry for me but at the same time had a good laugh and passed along this video below link,

Youtube video

After watching the video it brought back instant memories for me of this experience and the two guys sitting a row or two in front wearing their Winnipeg Blue Bomber Jerseys, drinking Beer, eating hot dogs and full of Gas and not being polite when they did pass gas like the great George Carlin would have said a "one cheek sneak" or a "Silent but Deadly" but these two guys were actually dropping Sonic Booms for my unfortunate pleasure and what surprised me is the guys would think nothing of it, even laughed between them thinking that was a good one. I understand that gas is just a part of being human and in a spectator sport like football where you have so many people watching the game people are going to release some gas but usually they are kind enough to drop a "Silent Message" and make it look like it was the other guy who did it but these guys where having a great time with it, as Vulgar as it seems, it's times like that I wished the Caretaker was sitting beside me in the stands to enjoy what I did, instead of the luxury box. I mean even after someone spoke up about it and asked them if they mind, they just laughed and kept on dropping bombs.

Have any other fans experienced a situation like this? I understand the humor but the smell is not for everyone to enjoy.

The Winnipeg Brown Bombers. :expressionless:

Maybe they were doing on purpose, kind of like a skunk uses smell as a defensive mecanism :lol:

I had that happen to me on a flight from Vancouver to Montreal. Had a Whey shake (back in the days before they put enzymes in) right before leaving the hotel and I stunk up the plane for the entire flight. I'm sure if parachutes had been available half the passengers would have strapped them on and jumped out or maybe strapped it on me and threw me out of the plane :lol:

Even back in High School or College you could buy a small bottle at the Joke Shop called "Morning Breeze" and often people would play pranks by squirting the liquid scent at others. I remember working at security in rock concerts when I was younger and confiscating several of these joke smell bottle that were brought in, I think in some cases people like to disrupt normal fun activity for whatever reason, but the two Bomber Fans are somewhat locked in my memory because that was down right rude.


Problem solved. :roll:

I think I now have the answer to a question I've been wondering about lately:

When you start a new thread every day, do you eventually start to run out of topics?

I had exactly the same thought. Seems the same few start the majority of these treads mostly about nothing. Sad.

And the refs didn't call a penalty? Those bastards

It's pretty Sad when any kind of a Negative Experience can be spun by fans by in your face, Now I know why some fans get pissed off about adding threads or comments to the web site. It seems some Tiger-Cat or so called Tiger-Cat Fans take thoughts or words no matter what is said positive or negative from an actual experience and play it down or be just as RUDE as the two Bomber Fans passing Gas at the Game in Guelph. Bigcat has a solution any fan that doesn't like my posts can KISS My A#@%

But this thread isn't about nothing. It's about a fellow Ti-cat fans gameday experience being ruined by a couple of ignorant imbeciles blowing farts. It's actually a social commentary on today's culture. You have real live Beavis & Buttheads everywhere in society nowadays. I'm sure many of us have had games ruined by obnoxious idiots. I always enjoy seeing these clowns escorted out by the police once they go too far.

hahaha this cracks me up