Gass' suspension overturned

Edmonton has done it again and managed to manipulate the CFL rule book to their advantage. The CFL office had already denied his appeal and then they bring in an independent arbitrator who finds in Edmonton's favour.

I don't know but I think that tearing a guy's helmet off of his head would merit a suspension.

Hah, read this article…

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The arbitrator is an avid Eskimo fan and season ticket holder.

They didn't manipulate the rule book, they simply used an allowable option in the arbitration system (which apparently needs fixing). I agree with Dust, though, in that the arbitrator himself is suspect in his motives, for obvious reasons.

This is BULLSH!!!T! It's one game, just take it. It's not like they asked him to miss half the season. He ripped a guys helmet off and threw it. I guess there's no rules in the CFL. What is this,UFC?

And i don't care if the other player kicked him in the groin 5 times, you don't rip off another guys helmet and throw it. That's not only disrespectful to the player but also to the team.

This is absolutely ridiculous. The EE have made the CFL look like a total bunch of idiots. The CFL needs to fix this, what a joke.

On the bright side, it's not like Gass is gonna make a difference anyway. This is just another act of desperation on the part of Danny Macocia and the EE.

Actually, other then the arbitrator being an Edmonton fan, the Eskimos had no input into the hearing on Monday. It was through the player association and the collective agreement

That has almost nothing to do with what we were saying.

jman i was referring the the following, when I said Edmonton had nothing to do with it.

This appeal was by Gass and only Gass through the CFLPA. The team either did not want to participate or wasn't allowed to participate in the hearing, not sure which.

You can believe whatever fairytale you wish but the Edmonton organization definitely had a hand in the outcome of this process.

IMO its a joke