Gass Suspended

A.J Gass has been suspended one game for altercation vs. Stampeders."

Stay tuned for tsn posting I just received this via tylenol rapid release (text message)

This will be a big blow to Edmonton, they already have 4 key injuries for Saturday's game. I guess we won't see Lumsden knocking him over and running over him this week.

What's the appeal process? Can he drag this out like in MLB?

[sarcasm]couldn't have happened to a nicer guy[/sarcasm]

It's about time this guy has been suspended, he is a talented player, but, he also delivers a lot of questionable hits and cheap shots.

Glovesave, I agree, Gass seems to have been able to get away with a lot of stuff over the years that other players probably would have been nailed for. Don't now if it is a "Star Player" thing or what. Great player but never like him.

If the suspension stands, I won't be surprized. Gass has always played on the edge of aggressiveness and just plain dirty.
I admire his aggressiveness, but Its about time he got nailed for the latter. He's a real sore head.

Just thought of something. If Gass is suspended maybe Danny Mac can interview him on the sidelines and as about "helmet to helmet" contact on QB's and then walk away smiling :twisted:

If Gass has been suspended (for being ejected), what about the other Eskie LB that was ejected?

What about Anderson for the Cats... any word?

If only Gass (not that I mind :wink:), what's the major difference/consideration?


I think the major difference is that he threw a helmet. It's also not his first offense so that may play a part in it.

Maybe I am wrong but don't these kind of announcements show up on other media sources before you can find them on the CFL home page. I admit I don't check it very often but when someone posts an item like this, heard say on TSN I go to the CFL page and it never seems to be there yet.

I just figured the League would see throwing a helmet less an offense than throwing a player (though I do believe the refs were slow on the whistle and it didn't blow until mid tackle... too late with player's momentum and all).

I hadn't realized Gass had been in such hot water before, though it's not surprising.

(loved comment above about D Mac interviewing Gass re helmet-to-helmet... if ever Gass should have been suspended, that cheap hit was the one IMO)


Gass throwing that helmet could have done serious damage to anyone in the way, with fans being a real possibility, if he wasn't suspended the league would have a whole lot of angry fans knocking at their door.

I think Anderson should be suspended as well, he's a firey player and is learning but he took it too far and he too should be disciplined.

Throwing a helmet has been an almost automatic suspension since that ref was hurt by a thrown helmet in the Hamilton-Calgary brawl a couple of years ago. As soon as he tossed it, regardless of the reason, you knew he was getting suspended.

aj is a horse's gass

wow...with gass and shannon garrett both out

Lumsden's gunna have another incredible game!!!!!!!!!!

on the other side does anyone know if tucker is out?

yes tucker is injured along with Tyler ebell and Dan comiskey and Shannon Garrett

all 4 of those players are not playing against us

and now u can add Aj Gass to that list of eskimos that wont be playing against us

get pressure on ray. keep mclendon contained and we should be able to handle gaylor and keamuu peterson.
eskies got a weak defence who takes over at mlb for gaas?
maas in for another big game he'll be pumped up back in edm.

Gass deserved this for sure .

Don't get too over confident ,the replacement middle line backer is no slouch, he's already played for Gass early in the season and did well.