Gass retires, joins Eskimos' coaching staff

Seems like he got tired of throwing those helmets so now he can do it from the side lines.

The Eskimos just got appreciably better for 2008....

Dam Arius I am going to agree with you I was trying to see how long before that would happen. But yes the Eskies will get better in that position.

Not a bad move. Congrats to him.

Seems like you are concerned about all the other teams, I guess the Stamps are going to be like the Pats and go 18-0, 05? Seems you should worry about the moves your team is making(or not making), rather than what other teams are doing.

Sambo you are starting to sound like a scared little school girl here? I post something about the CFL and you sound disappointed that it is not about the riders. I now post about the eskimos and yet again your disappointed. So what gives. If something negative about the Stamps come up I will certainly post it for your enjoyment., the only guy to register a comment on that TSN page says Gass was a 'class act'....I guess there are parts of edmonton where 'class act' can substitute for 'gorilla brained'...good ridance AJ, you won't be missed...

Wow I can see it now AJ Gass Humanitary award. First guy to win will be Jimenez.

Scared little school girl? A Stamp fan posting about the other teams.. sounds to me like someone who is afraid to talk about their own team. C'mon 05, you are disappointing me, surely you come up with better material than that. Its the same thing all the time.. talk about the other teams to deflect attention away from your own team. So how improved is that Stamps D from last year?

...not even close to being on topic you two...

Well Sambo like I stated in another thread and you are asking the same question here. Talk about disappointment. But I will wait to see what happens at TC. Our defense had young guys on the back side and will be better this year. But we do need to fill a couple of holes there no question. I have confidence that will be done. By the way maybe it is time for other teams to go over the cap to go for the cup. But I would sooner see the red do it legit.

haha but its funny

Seriously guys, you need to take it to PM or something. You guys are taking over every topic.

I think everyone could see this coming a mile away. It was obvious to everyone that once Gass relinquished his "dirtiest player in the league" title to Jiminez he had nothing to play for.

Nice to see Mr Cheep Shot off the field.
I hope He don't teach his Players to take Cheep shots like he did.

I bet Danny Mac Head is still Ringing from the 2004 Season.
when Gass took that Cheep shot under his chin at IWS

:lol: Well, I'm hoping this will be a good role for him. Yes, he was part of some dirty plays, but he was a good defender in his day. Last season was a little disappointing. He had those couple good games after the helmet incident when his team needed him, but that was it.

Hopefully he can provide a little more on the sideline, especially since I think we still have our terrible defensive coordinator. :?

I think he actually might do well in coaching. I think he was far more important as a leader on the Eskimos than what he brought out on to field as far as playing ability goes.

Actually RW2005, Jimenez has been asking Gass for a name of a good Arbitrator! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I wonder if Gass will be coaching defense on the art of helmet throwing? :wink:

He su-cked!

Whats with Edmontons professional teams and
promoting former players to coaches??

I'll actually miss Gass on the field.

If nothing else, the guy had character.