Gass fined

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The Campbell Football League strikes again.

The (ahem) player in question kicks another player in the head and gets an undisclosed fine with no suspension. Didn't Jonta Woodard get a two game suspension last year for "showing the blue team's fans who is number 1" with his middle digit? Tell me which is worse, or better yet, is what Woodard did so much worse than what the big GASSbag did?

.... once again ...yawn...he did not kick him in the head...yawn...zzzzzzzzzz. shamefully low the league is too embarressed to publicize it.

Hugh Campbell did not want to be without Gass for Friday's game therefore the CFL does next to nothing. What a joke!!!!!!

lets see what happens this week when he injures ralph for the seasons.

I agree what a joke

I'm even suprised that he was only fined.

They might have interviewed Ralph and he did say he didn't know Gass had kicked him,so the fine was the result rather than a suspension for the intent to injure ,which in itself is a game ejection.

Gass himself says this is the lowest thing I've ever done ....or close enough.....

No Class Gass!!!!! :thdn:

a fine is appropriate. it was a low class move by gass but i think the cfl can see what spurred it and the fact that he didnt even really hit him. i mean brock didnt even know it happened. that doesnt excuse it but that coupled with brocks actions makes this fine fair.

That's not the point.

The intent was there as you and a few others continue to push re Brock's attempted block.

For the matter of a few inches, Brock could have suffered serious injury and is just lucky "Gass the A55" missed.

In another thread you've also talked of watching the video a number of times to confirm Brock's actions. You then would have seen what lead up to Brock's block... on the previous play, Braidwood and another Eskimo rushing full speed (and bowling over and landing on a number of Cats) when the Cats were "relaxed" in a kneel-down situation. The perfect chance to cause injury on unsuspecting players. (I speak from experience... in high school, walking thru some plays, a defensive player decided to charge full speed at me (at offensive tackle) and I broke my thumb when I went to automatically (reflex action) protect myself from the hit.)

So harp all you want about Brock, Gass is just as guilty and even more dangerous as he could have connected to the head.


Gass's admission that he made a stupid play doesn't mean much when he continues to threaten Ralph even after a fine is levied. Apparently, the only thing he regrets is not injuring Ralph the first time.

I think you missed the point. when some posters including myself pointed out brocks actions it wasnt to exclude or in acceptance of gass's. it was to show why he did it and that what brock did was unacceptable in the football world. i think both actions were terrible. both should be fined. get a hold of yourself these guys run down the field full speed at someone coming the opposite direction head on. you think this kick was that violent. not even close. now again i dont condone it but dont make a mountain out of a mole. it was dealt with period

ok , first off, there was time left on the clock for the eskis to get the ball back. Maas did not go down on a knee to kill more time so they made him. THEY COULD STILL GET THE BALL BACK. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT!!!!!!
Now if the eskis were down by more than a touchdown then the above would not have happened. But because of VERY poor couching , it did. And having a 90 lb. weakling at end position didn't help.
Gass did what he did for two reasons :
A..Ralphs block was cheap and dangerous and B.. one of their own was taken down for life for something similar the week before.
Gass knows what he did was wrong and has payed for it.
Ralph knows too and will pay for it Friday night.


Because the Cats still had time to lose the game, that makes kicking okay?

I’ll have to remember that.

dumbest post of the day .


All one should do is shake their head and roll their eyes in astonishment at somebody trying to justify the cowardice action of kicking a person with the intent to injure him when he is laying defenseless on the ground. Don't bother arguing with ignorance.

I'm sorry , why was he laying on the ground again ???????

BTW , you might want to direct your comments about classless to Cheatwood as well.

Man, you're obsessed. Get a life....

ahhhh... if you only knew how good my life was. :slight_smile: