Gass decision overturned

They played a clip of the interview with Maciocia on the radio this morning after the ruling came in, he sounded like he won the lottery.

I don't sanction undermining the league's original decision like this, if only because it is detrimental to the authority of the league. Maciocia seemed a little more than disingenuous when saying that he agreed that what Gass did to the helmet was wrong. But you'll never hear him complain henceforth. :roll:

The fact that any player can use another player's helmet as a projectile and get off that easy IS absurd, IMHO. All we need is for some official, bystander, fan, or unprotected player to be hit with a helmet and be seriously hurt and it will be a nightmare.

My hope is that in the future there will be an in-house disciplnary procedure: once the commish rules, the player has the right to appeal to the CFL with appropriate CFLPA counsel one time and that's it.

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed. This seems to be the most logical and equitable course of action.

I'd like to see a Calgary player throw Gass' helmet 30 yards downfield............AND GASS' HEAD IS STILL IN IT!

I don't understand the CFL's logic on this one because based on the rule changes for this year they are supposed to be protecting the players' safety. They brought in the zero-step rule to protect the QBs but apparently it's still OK to tackle a guy by his face or throw a helmet wherever you feel like. This is just another example of poor judgement and hypocrisy that sadly exists in the CFL.