Gass being.....uh, Man-handled!

Here is the video but you only see the helmet toss.

I guess AJ's nuts are around his neck!

i was there i saw the whole thing, pilon came from behind on gass and pushed him right from behind and did it twice, till onotulu came in. Your players started the whole fight and didnt get anyone kicked out...dispicable refereing

Yes, I'm sure you saw it all! :roll:

They are now....

It is still tough to see any fouls on the play, and there are parts not caught on video, but I'm betting what really got AJ's goat was being pancaked by Pilon in the first place.

After that, who knows, but at the end, he clearly snaps as from the video we have, nobody does much to him.

I have to agree with you on the dispicable reffing…teh biggest examples woudl be Boerigter getting screwed out of TD, on offensive PI, thrown about 10 seconds after he caught the ball, repeated imaginary “roughing the eskimo” call.

It was actually dissappointing to see Gass thrown out though, since its fun to see Reynolds blow by him every game

Anyone remember when the Boerigter play happened?
What quarter was it?

First quarter I believe. Check the field goals because they had to settle for a field goal instead.

K, I just watched it about half a dozen times, and honestly... how the hell can anyone tell what's going on? Not only do we only see the end of the fight, but there are so many bodies, you can't distinguish anyone. If they want to fine Gass for tossing the helmet, that's fine. But that's about all I can see them doing.

I'll post it tomorrow!
getting late in these parts

That's the thing they probably couldn't. As per usual in these types of incidents it is not the guy who instigated it who usually gets the penalty, it's the person who retaliated.

And in the midst of a scrum, nothing like getting singled out by throwing a helmet :wink:

edit i love the CFL.. kickers getting ejected for fighting.. tonnes of fights, helmets being thrown 30 yards in the air.. the NFL never provides this wide variety of entertainment!

Don't let Kyle Turley hear you say that!

I love the fact that someone squeezing his junk was the source of A.J.'s frustration. I know people that pay good money for that sort of thing! :roll:

Yeah, the CFL always provides us with those off-the-wall sort of things the No Fun League can't provide!

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I agree. It'll almost always be the person who retaliated. It's a shame, but not much you can do. And AJ didn't help his case.

Though, to be honest, I did kind of laugh at him getting in the guy's face and pointing down the field at his helmet. :lol: :lol:

I'm not sure people are aware of this, but Calgary DID get penalties on that play: two roughing penalties. The Edmonton players went a step further and got kicked out for their actions.

There is no instigator rule in the CFL, and I'm glad there isn't, since it's nearly impossible during a dustup to determine who started it. You get penalized based on your actions. If someone hits you late, they get a 15-yard roughing penalty; if you retaliate by kicking them in the 'nads, you're heading for the showers.

"Who started it" only matters to seven-year-olds.