Gass apologizes for actions

Veteran linebacker lost his cool when Calgary lineman 'violated me'

I'm glad he apologized. And I'm a little curious about what he said. Ro, would you be able to upload the video? I missed most of the scrum, I think. If what he said is true, then I can understand his reaction. Of course, that doesn't justify it.

"Pilon literally had my entire package in his hand and squeezed," Gass said. "People think I flipped out for no reason, but I took the ball crushing. He violated me. I tried to walk away, and then he gave me a shot in the back so hard that I fell. When Comiskey came at me, and I just couldn't take it anymore."

AJ is full of Gaas go to the TSN site for the highlights of the game. Unless he has monkey arms he could not have grabed the guy by his jollies. :lol: :lol:
Chief just face it Gaas is classless. To bad he is not a bad player other then being dirty and selfish.

Like I said, I'm not trying to defend him. It was stupid on his part and cost his team.

But at the same time, if someone did to me what Gass alleges happened to him, I probably would have reacted the same way.

Let's se if ro can work his magic here and get us the video.
I never saw the altercation myself, and I am going to assume the TSN hilights don't show us how things got started.

But it isn't like this is the first time Gass has acted up and got tossed.
And almost always he deserves it.

Well Chief I know you are a very good eskimo fan. But thats face it Gaas has a history behind this type of behaviour. It only hurts the team and the sooner your GM figures this out the quicker you will find a replacment. Really Gaas has not credibility to make accusations. If you watch the video it is plain to see he was the agressor through out the fight. The Stampeder players did nothing to provoke this and did not repsond to it thus they were not penalized. I suggest watching it and you will see for yourself. These actions by a player only hurts the teams chances of winning. Good luck for your team in their next game.

AJ is infamous for pulling all kinds of nasty stunts on others at the bottom of a pile, from eye poking, ankle twisting to package groapping. He more than anyone (Philion has retired) should know better and to wait for the right moment to get your shot in.

Abdulah admitted while in Calgary that it gets dam nasty in the scrum. And it seems he should know he is a dirty player no matter what uniform he wears. But Gaas has done out right stupid things and this is just another one of those.

The only other time that comes to mind was at the end of the game in Hamilton last year, but what better time to take the shot ? AJ to me has always been an on the edge guy, who takes liberties, but he has always seemed to know when to take them and when not to. This was surprising timing coming from a veteran like him, Pilon really got under his skin, which was a good job on his part.

Couldn't I say the same about you? You're a Stampeders fan, so of course they'd do nothing wrong in your eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, I'll hold judgment until I see the full video.

Well look at the video it shows it I can not change it. The Stamp players never retaliated so I can not see how they would be penalized for that. But I am sure the Refs made p for it in the fourth quarter do you not think. Three bogus calls all one after the other. Look at those and you will be amazed. Or how about the IP on Boe! A non call if you ask me. But hey if you wish to believe a guy that is constantly doing things to hurt his team go for it chief you are welcome to your opinion.

As has been said, 05, the TSN video does not show us the entire incident.
That said, Gass is a buffoon and deserved to be tossed just for what we do see in the video.

And maybe if ro has the time (the usual 10-15 minutes?) he can upload the Bo PI as well, as I missed the first half and that one seems pretty controversial as well.

No offence, 05, but what exactly do some botched calls by the officials have to do with Pilon supposedly grabbing Gass's crotch? :expressionless: :lol:

Gass is a veteran and cost his team big time. That loss was huge and was a winnable game. With Gass, a veteran in at the end of the game would the Esks have had a better chance to defend and stop the Stamps- I think so. Inexcusable and hopefully will not be the defining loss of the season for the esks causing a missed playoffs for the team!!!!!!!!!! If I was an esks fan I would be pissed at you.
No excuse A.J. regardless of what happened in the scrum. Besides, if true, all the guy was going for was ANOTHER SACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The purpose of mentioning this is that the refs made many bad calls in this game. The call in the scrum however was a good call.

Wouldn't the calls at the end of the game HURT their credibility? :lol:

"We're not out of it for sure, but it's nut-crunching time and we need to get after it" - A.J. Gass, early September 2006

...oh, the irony....

That has got to go in the "Quote of the Year" thread.....well, if it was

Maybe we need a retroactive quote sticky? lol was a featured quote in 2006, thats why I remembered it...

This guy kills me, after the game he tried to justify
the helmut throwing by starting off saying, "I didnt
realize it was a helmut i was throwing." Then he
immediately said, "Well obviously i knew it was a helmut"......too funny, backpedal much?

:lol: Terrible.